About Me

Hello all, I am Jegadeesh Vontlin an Electronic and instrumentation engineering. I am very passionate on web developing. I like to call myself as “The Binary geek” because I like computer since from my childhood. Let me tell you a short story of how I got interest in computer.

I saw a computer when I was in 4th grade in my friend home and got excited.when I moved my hand to surf the computer, his cousin took the control and said “stuff you know nothing about”. At that time I had a spirit to know more about it. Later, I joined a new school and sat in front of the computer in my computer lab. The first task given to me was cascading two windows. But the thing is I was wondering “how do I handle the mouse” like bill gates wondering on Steve job’s first desktop computer in pirates of Silicon Valley movie. Yet another thing I wondered is how to complete the task Even I don’t know how to handle the mouse and finally I didn’t do, a staff came and completed that. From that moment onwards I was eagerly thinking and learning on how to operate a computer and a year later I finally learnt to format an operating system(Windows XP) on Intel desktop computer. Actually that is with new Pentium processor. But at that time, all I know is only processor named as P1, P2, P3 and P4. After the complete installation process ,I restarted. It didn’’t boot properly and shown “memory over flow error.” from that I got interested in computer. but now I became to solve all the possible problems arises in a computer. This is how I got interest in computer. Currently am being a web developer and running this site.

Site History:

Before starting this website(A bloggersite) I started a website called “infophobia” in 2012 and that’s the time I started my blogging. But unfortunately I couldn’t follow .knowledge sharing is always worth, so I decided to start blogging again and started this blog (A bloggersite) on 2014.since am busy with my studies, I couldn’t pursue that year also. Finally I finished my college life. So I got some time to write articles and share my knowledge to the world. By happily am doing it now.