Here comes new ideas for internet privacy

People are now really serious about their internet privacy and safety of their data.

After Serious Facebook Issue, Mark Zuckerberg attended testimony congress and answered what’s really happening behind the data.

Not only cambridge analytica, lots of other Tech giant companies including data brokers were part of this internet privacy as Mark Zuckerberg Stated

The actual problem starts with us!


We aggregated all the information, and they sold it.

It is not our fault though, because everyone does it.

But according to 2015 market survey, your rate(Information about your activities and thinking) is Rs.768 of Indian amount and 10 US $

Now it may have been increased or decreased.

When we used to see ads in online, back 10 years ago, those ads were not relative to us.

Then comes the time, after few years we started to see ads which are too relative and those ads were helpful, which also saved our time.

That’s where the problem actually started.

Now we are in the stage of how to escape from this things as they have already collected our data.

This article explains how to safe yourself from online or internet privacy with each of the big social media giants.

Internet Privacy:

1) Facebook:

We were happy with facebook but they sold our data without our permission.

I think its a good time to get started for deleting your facebook account, because deactivating is for you, not for them.

So if you wish to delete account click facebook delete account to get started.

If you not wish to delete your facebook account due to some reason here are some hacks that will actually help you out.

a) Remove Profile Information:

Login Facebook and remove all of the profile information one by one.

They have your data already but here after they cant.

If you remove your profile information there will be no data.

In future, you don’t have to update information with your posts, check-in, review and whatever type of posts which gets your information including especially Image posts.

Facebook machine algorithm are made clever which means it reads our information from image too.

For example, if you post an image with your friends on party,

Artificial Intelligence or Machine learning will read it as

party, group of friends, night mode and so on.

Even facebook nowadays came with face recognition settings.

Make sure you turned that off, its off by default though.

Checking once again will save your face identity too.

b) Uninstall Facebook app:

Uninstall your facebook iOS/Android app from your smartphone.

Keeping facebook apps on the smartphone is like , you kept your home door open and outsiders are allowed to see what’s happening inside your home.

Don’t get it funny or wrong!

Facebook gets all of your data through their mobile apps only
including your phone calls, text-messages, government text-messages, OTP pin number.

Even they had your bank transaction OTP with each transaction you made.

Not only transaction OTP’s,all of your mobile texts were.

If you want to see the above details from your profile, start archiving your data by visiting settings -> General section main page, you will see download a copy of your data in small letters in middle of the page or at bottom of the content settings.

once it is ready to download, extract it after the download completes and open the index.html in extracted folder.

It will immediately open your browser and allow you to see facebook lookalike web page where you can actually explore each section of your data.

Be patient and explore each section, so you can know how much of information is transferred without your acknowledgement.


Creating a page for yourself with your information unlike profile.

It will give you to access Facebook without much thinking about your personal data steal.

It’s end for facebook game to stealing your data.

But how about google, twitter, and linkedin!!!.

Well, they changed their game with GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) regulations.

Let’s talk about how they are evolving

2) Google:

Alphabet’s Google, a tech conglomerate own google + social community also has the user data.

With that data, google advertisement services are running with helpful and rightful information to target the users.

But after the GDPR, Google enabled options to opt out from the ads.

The options are available at this link

Make sure you are signed in to do the changes.

Once you visit the page, you can see what are the topics you most searched and google saved about category of it.

To also ensure about your search data and other google related activities across all the products, it also offers to turn off the activity control.

To turn off the activity control follow this link to get started.

you can see activity controls in the left side of page.

Once you visit the page, you will toggle buttons for

  1. web search,
  2. Youtube search,
  3. Location search,
  4. Device information,
  5. Voice & activity search,
  6. Youtube search history,
  7. Youtube watch history

Turning those things off will also impact on your android device.

you will see minor changes in your android phone related to google services.

So why to turn those things off?

This is how google collects your data and help advertisers to target you.

And now finally you can opt out of it.

To make it more specific to your android smartphone

visit settings -> google -> ads (Under services label) reset Advertising ID, so google can’t use your data and your will ads totally unrelated and not based on your previous and current search.

So what will happen after turning those settings off,

Imagine you are searching for a leather jacket in google and you saw some pretty good results for after buy.

Later when you browse the internet for other stuffs you don’t see the ad with leather jacket, instead you will see it with some other kind of woollen jackets.

Note: Actual results may differ, but you will see the difference with ad showing.

And your personalisation data cuts off here.

3) Twitter:

Welcome to twitter! with the same background but with different methods.

Here they gather your android apps you have installed and some more data of yours.

Visit to see which profile data of yours being collected.

Turning that off will be effective for your personal data save.

4) LinkedIn:

And welcome to the professional party! The data also being collected here too.

Visit to see and take care of your data setting and how linkedin use your data.

Because your professional data also matters and they know your about professional interaction with business and job data,

There are other related settings to turn it off if you like to.

If I come to aware of any other website which steals user data, I will keep you posted.

Tell us what you think about internet privacy and share your knowledge.

How to remove android malware

Are you tired of getting unwanted full screen ads in your android smart phone?

That will be purely disturbing you to the core and the work you do.

And you may have tried many solutions and you will be succeeded only for few minutes and it again continues.

let me tell you today the five proven steps to solve and remove android malware (Virus) completely.

Remove android malware:

Before going into the steps of killing those malware , let me share the details of how it is entering in your smartphone so you will come to know what you are doing with smartphone.

1) Check the installation source:

when is the last time you checked your app installation source.

You may getting the apps (.APK) file from your friends or other apps provider like 9Apps.

As an android user, install the apps from Google playstore and not from other unsecured sources.

Even if you try to install it from other apps providers, you android smartphone will suggest you that

Don’t install it from unknown sources

If you haven’t seen that suggestion, you can turn that off by visiting settings -> security -> turn off unknown sources.

Note: Turning that settings on my cause you to install an app along with malware from other sources easily.

You are secured by your smartphone with protection.

2) Think when the problem started:

When unwanted ad pop ups started showing on your mobile , you will start to think only on how to remove it.

But if you narrow down your thinking to when the problem started , it will lead you to the file downloaded from website, because that could be your favourite or essential app for you.

Try to get the conflict app or file which made the problem started and kill it.

You problem will be solved almost and you will be free from further ad pop ups.

3) I have security tool and cleaners:

Yes, every smartphone comes with security tool and cleaners that clean your junks timely.

Also you may be wondering why the virus encountered in your smartphone and thinking what these inbuilt tools are doing in my mobile.

Let me tell you the secret behind this,

those virus apps made by hackers are very stronger than what you are inbuilt smartphone tool has

Shocking isn’t it.

So keenly watch whenever you install an app or download a file from website that is not familiar to download with.

4) I will install an antivirus:

Yes, that’s a good idea to do.

But you remember the point which I said earlier in this article

those virus apps made by hackers are very stronger than what you are inbuilt smartphone tool has

Yes, that’s true for antivirus tools too.

Anti virus are programmed by security experts with list of their known malware, Trojans and spywares.

What it actually does is, it tries to matches the virus with their database and if it matches you are lucky else it says

Aha! Your phone is virus free

But it silently resides in your smartphone and if its there for long time , think all of your locally stored data are with them.

So are you tired of what I am going to say next, don’t panic I am going to provide the solution


Try installing the Anti Malware bytes android app in your smartphone.

I hear you, you are asking me is the above app better than all anti virus apps.

Yes it is! How ? The above app is developed by security experts and hackers too.

So they will constantly gives security updates to that app to secure your smartphone.

You may be wondering , don’t the antivirus company does the same.

But can any one prove why antivirus fails to secure your smartphone sometimes.

That’s where to Anti Malware bytes comes to help you.

Try installing the app and once you see the result you will be happy with your smartphone.

Security experts Nick Lewis suggest some advises on removing the android malware.

Do you know any other security measures that helped you to stop the malware problems in your android smartphone?

or if you have any doubts regarding to your smartphone security, or any other viruses

do comment and let everyone know.

If you like this article, share it with your friends, colleagues and let them know and save their android smartphone too.

Datally: A new mobile app from Google

When you try to control your smartphone data you stop unnecessary apps background process.

And then what happens, your smartphone gives you new trouble with apps network performing.

So you will see some weird problems in your apps that don’t give you a proper access or show errors for better network accessibility.

Even with lots of data saver apps in play store even though which saves data partially but one still feels missing of some feature to save their data perfectly.

Google always launches a mobile app that attracts user and gets more download just within a week of launch.

Now Google has come up with a solution for saving your mobile data and wifi data connected to your device.

Yes the app is called


What this Datally app can do for a smartphone. They are






But before seeing the features of Datally let me tell you some things

What makes the Datally so special to use.

Understand your data:

It understands your data when you use the app and how you use the app.

Control your data:

It controls your data on the background in real time.

Save your data:

It saves your data by connecting with near by WiFi’s.

Let’s explore the features of Datally app one by one:


Google tells that with Datally app you can save 30% of your data with apps you use in real time.

That’s you really needed a feature of all the time.


And you started thinking the difference between data saver and data saver bubble.

Yes data saver bubble is going to help you with when you are out of control data usage in any particular app.


Have you ever analysed your data and determined how much of data you saved instead of wondering what it could be.

This Datally app give you a data usage by history for days, weeks, months.


Even Datally asks you for personalized recommendations.

You can see your usage highlights, rate other wifi networks with help of wifi finders.


I know you are expecting this title.

Yes Datally gives you access to find nearby by WiFi’s with help of GPS.

The fun part is you can see whether its protected or open to public.

If it is public you can use and rate that WiFi network to know the quality of it to other users.

Even it also allows you to setup a VPN locally on your device to block unwanted data usage.

So if you are planned to download the Datally app and use it click here to get started.


image source: Datally

Google changes its search engine algorithm

From the beginning, google consistently improving its search engine algorithm for better and accurate search results.

Now google recently announced that there will be changes in search results to reduce offensive and inaccurate results.

Whenever a user searches google, the algorithm provides maximum accurate results depend upon the query.

But according to google engineering team, there are 0.25% offensive and inaccurate search results are shown.

To reduce it, google changing its algorithm instead of simply demoting individual websites.

Along with that, google also introduces some features which are for better search.

Let’s see them in detail.

Search engine algorithm:

There will be 3 major improvements with the impact of its change.

  1. Search ranking
  2. Autocomplete feedback
  3. Featured snippets feedback

1.Search ranking:

In march 2017, Google updated its search quality guidelines to improve the search quality results.

With a team of people for feedback, google evaluated its inaccurate search results.

That also leads to

lower quality web pages,

misleading information and

unexpected offensive results.

With the effect of these changes, google will improve search results on auto complete and featured snippets too.

2. Autocomplete feedback:

when you search on google, Google autocomplete shows you the instant answers for your queries.

with the advent of auto complete feedback, now you can report the inappropriate content which is the unwanted appearance to your query.

Need a clear picture, here it is

google algorithm change
Enlarge image to see results

This new feedback is categorized with the label and you can report the inappropriate predictions.

so you can easily report.

3.Featured snippets feedback:

This one could be more useful for students and women who are in rush to search for answers.

Featured snippets provide an accurate answer by precisely choosing a source from a website for your query.

It also has a suggestion and comments box to get your report on the query.

Here is the image of featured snippets feature

google change algorithm
Enlarge image to see the results


Image source: Google