How to use your windows computer

In our everyday’s life using windows, computer is becoming part of our day-to-day thing.

if any problem arises on computer performance techies can handle the problem by googling with their known technical parameters.

Others hire some computer technician to handle the problem and it will be the loss of money, even for small errors. So this article is about how to take care of your windows computer.

Note: These things are solely on the computer performance and how you use your computer. Let me explain in detail about the issue.

These are things you will be seeing in this article

  1. Installing of windows software
  2. Use of software
  3. Too many icons on system tray
  4. Too many files on desktop


1) Installing of windows software

Are you aware of what software you are using in your computer?

I know you will be aware of, then what’s the reason behind of your computer lag and errors.

Well, the reason is when you install software.

you will be installing some unwanted software which comes as an extra package.

Most of the computer lags and errors arise due to fast click(NEXT) while installing the software.

It’s totally avoidable.

You should be patiently clicking next on the rests (Not on Terms and conditions page).

While you do it, you can see some check boxes saying “install this software for your more security” with something phrases like that, which is so obsolete.

Because these are the things will slow down your computer.


2) use of software

I am not really meaning here to slowly use of the software.

You can control how much of memory it needs for your workflow.

You may be working in numbers of software, but taking memory priority is matters.

You can control of software memory priority In task manager

In windows earlier version of 8:

       a) Open task manager by right clicking on taskbar

       b) Go to process tab, right-click the application you want to control

       c) And you can see the priority option hover on it and click real-time, normal , above normal, below to control the software usage depend on your needs.

In windows, 8 Click the details tab after opening task manager from the taskbar and do the following steps.

3)Too many icons on system tray

While installing some software you may have noticed the check boxes saying “Add to system tray”.

This option is good if you for some essential software.

If you are checking out this option for all the software your computer system tray will be flooded with lot of icons and it will delay your computer startup time.

Click on the drop down arrow in your task bar and click customize it to de activate It for faster computer booting response.


4)Too many files on desktop

Having too many files on your desktop, also the one of a reason for slow computer performance and slower boot time.

Categorize all the things in one or two folder and delete the shortcut of unwanted icons which you won’t use much.

All of the folders and files  you keep in desktop , downloads are space taken from C: partition.

So take care of your desktop things and it will take care of you .



Things to note for your new computer purchase

If you are planning to make a new computer purchase, the first thing which comes in your mind is Brand,

because that makes the rest of your decisions good.

In spite of branding, there are some things that geeks always expects the computer to be more advanced.

Yes! There are some things you need to take care of before buying a desktop or laptop.

In this article, I am about to explain those things.

Don’t worry if you are non-geek or Non-techie or Non-computer guy. I will explain you to know as simple as possible.

As well as it is a vision of ageeksite too!

Now I will explain the list of things below.

Remain your computer technical specification:

It purely depends on the job you do.

If you are techie then you are in need of system with good RAM and storage space for your coding.

If you are a designer then you are in need of high RAM with a high-end processor and high Graphics memory.

Whatever your profession is, if you want a good computer then you need to invest more amount that completes your work easily.

A computer with least of 8GB RAM and 1TB of the hard disk is good for everyone.

Don’t forget to check the processor speed that is the most important one if you are buying a new computer.

A processor speed defines the speed of computer even if your computer RAM is little low.

if the above terms are not familiar to you then continue read the article

Check your warranty guide:

If you are planned to assemble or to buy a whole computer, check the warranty guide first.

Each company has its own warranty restrictions.

As for precaution, if you read those lines then it will be good for you and for your computer too.

Assembling your computer is better:

Always assembling a computer is a good option, instead of buying a new one.

Because each product comes with an individual warranty, so you can reclaim it easily when it gets detriment.

Assembling the parts of the computer provides more comfortability to you, that’s what especially computer geeks do and it provides great working experience.

If you are not aware of assembling a computer then you have to hire a hardware engineer to assemble the parts.

On the other side, you don’t want to build a assembled computer, you can go for purchasing a new computer where they give only limited warranty for some years for the whole product.

Check your BIOS:

Whatever your plans on buying a computer, first check your BIOS version on the shop itself.

When you start a computer, first go to BIOS (Basic Input Output System). If you don’t know where it is,

follow the steps below

When you turn on your computer, the monitor will show the screen with their brand logo, beneath that there will be a sentence saying press F(number) or F12 to enter SETUP or BIOS i.e. function number key on top of your keyboard.

Note: key F12, I mentioned is just for your reference; function key to enter BIOS varies with different manufacturer and you can see that in your monitor within seconds by turning on your computer.

If you are entered into BIOS or if you pressed the key what your monitor shows, and then it will show a blue screen with some options. Don’t change anything in it. There will be no mouse option available.

So you have to operate with your keyboard. No mouse!

Because you are directly dealing with your hardware now, don’t get afraid.

Use tab keys to move between pages. On the bottom or right side of the screen, there will be some key references for operating the BIOS.

If you are all settled when you enter BIOS you will be on the main tab where it will show your RAM values, your system time.

And there will be also an option called additional system information. Place the bar on it and press enter.

There you will see your motherboard information, which shows the

CPU motherboard manufacturer name,

product number,

the serial number,

version number

as well as your manufacturer name,

product name and its version.

If you don’t find the word “additional system information” or any of them above then your system is the fake one.

So before buying a new computer discuss with your friends and check your friend’s computer with the steps I mentioned above and ask them where they bought the computer.

Then check and buy your brand new computer.

Check whether the installed operating system is original or fake:

Well, in computer world so many operating systems are available.

But the famous ones are Apple, Windows, and ubuntu.

In these three, you can’t get the fake operating system of apple and Ubuntu is an open source.

But windows operating systems are available free on the internet.

Now I will tell you how to detect is your windows pirated or not, it’s so simple.

Press window key and pause break key on your keyboard.

It’s located left of the Num lock key on your keyboard.

If you press the keys it will show a window where you can see the computer memory with processor speed, owner name of the computer.

Below there will be logo called genuine Microsoft windows, if the logo is present in that windows then that is an original else it is a fake.

So if you find this article helpful, share it with your friends and do comment if you have any doubts

Troubleshoot Boot time errors in your computer?

First of all I would like to say Happy new year for all of my readers, and this is the first post for this year. So lets solve your problems.Your computer normally boot and allow you to work with computer. But sometimes it wont, it show an errors like blue screen error, hard disk error, or even when you turn on the computer it gives only beep sound (Continuously) and nothing happens. If you are tired of this kind of errors, you can rid off them easily by fixing it on your own. These are the small errors which is from the in or out of CPU i.e. it might be need a little hardware tweak or power is not supplied correctly or wires are not plugged in to your CPU port correctly. Today I am about to tell you how to resolve those kind of errors.
how to troubleshoot my computer

Boot time errors

Before stepping into that let me list all the errors, so you can easily find yours

RAM based errors

Hard disk based errors

SMPS issues

CPU over temperature errors

Chassis intruder system halted

Monitor errors

So these are the most common errors which occur when you start the computer and prevent to make normal boot up. I have explained cause and solution of all the listed above.

RAM based errors:


In this RAM based errors, three kind of problem arises,

Continuous beep sound:

Cause: If your computer making continuous beep sound your RAM is totally weak. So it is producing continuous sound.

      Solution: Changing the RAM might get rid off this error.

Blue screen error or screen of death (Memory over dump) :

Cause: This error arises when your computer memory is over dumped. So don’t do more multi tasking with your computer if it has low RAM. Another cause for this error is power fluctuations in your home. That is not driving good source of power to your computer.

The power fluctuation is the serious problem. if you are not aware, try to resolve it As much as possible, else it may damage your computer internal hardware.
     Solution: check and correct power source of your computer or deploy any technician or electrician to get rid off this error.

System not booted:

Cause:  this error arises when you are RAM is totally failure or absence of RAM in your computer.

     Solution: Inserting a new RAM get rid off this error.

Hard disk based errors:

Hard disk based errors has two kind of problems,

Boot disk failure:

      Cause: this error arises when your computer power or data connection of hard disk plugged incorrectly from SMPS to hard disk.

      Solution: reconnecting the two connections to hard disk may solve this error.

Bad OS image or NTLDR, bootmgr is missing

 Cause:  this error arises if your computer os files are corrupted or some boot loader file is missing.

      Solution: reinstalling your OS may get rid off this error.
Note: I have made a separate post on how to recover this error. By clicking below you can read the steps of recovering your OS.

SMPS issues:

In this SMPS issues, only one kind of problem arise,

Over dump errors:

      Cause:  over temperature error is due to the surrounding of your CPU or computer might be hot. if not so then your computer receiving over power.
      Solution: reducing the temperature of CPU or your computer surrounding and correcting the power which is receiving from UPS or from your home AC board may get rid off this error.

CPU over temperature error:

Two kind of error occur in this, due to

POST-Power On Self Test:

       Cause:  this power on self test check whether the internal components of your hardware working fine or not. If it is not working properly it shows the error.

       Solution: keep up the good CPU power and temperature

Keyboard Not found:

      Cause:  this error arises, if the keyboard USB port is not working or keyboard port on CPU is not working properly.
      Solution: if you are using USB keyboard try inserting your keyboard into another USB port  else change the keyboard. Trying with old model keyboard is waste of time.

Chassis intruder system halted:

Because of three possibilities, this error may occur,

Cabinet door check:

      Cause:  this error arises, when your CPU cabinet door is not closed properly.

      Solution: make sure your CPU cabinet door is closed properly.

Power connection check:

     Cause: this error arises, if the power connection is loosely connected to CPU.

     Solution: make sure your connection to CPU is properly connected.

Chip failure:

     Cause: this error arises, CPU chip initialization is bad and this to rely on power of CPU.
     Solution:  checking the power of CPU may get solve this problem.

Monitor Grains:

possibilities for grain is due to two possible situations,

Onboard Graphics is too low:

      Cause: this error arises, if the on board graphics of your computer is too low.

      Solution: Installing a separate graphics card that suits for your mother board configuration.

Data cord connection:

      Cause: this error arises, if the data cord of the monitor from the CPU is not connected properly.
      Solution: wipe and clean the dust inside your cord connecting end on and reconnect it properly.

How to optimize your computer performance?

Increasing computer performance is an easy process.
you have to repeat several times for keeping the computer speed.
There are some methods to reduce the lag easily.
Have you ever thought about why the computer hangs?
 The CPU hang if it can’t manage the work given by you, even though it’s a multi-tasking machine it can process only up to certain applications, lots of processes are going behind on your every click in the window.
But that the thing is you need to optimize.
However, the following suggestions are applicable only for Microsoft windows operating system. There are 5 methods to optimize your computer performance lets discuss it.
Optimized Computer

 Clean your computer periodically:

Do you clean your computer periodically?

If you are cleaning your computer software like file cleaner or any other (I am not précising anything) you are decreasing the performance of your computer.

You can think how is that so?

The software you install itself occupies some space to run i.e. to clean the file on your computer (its normal).

some of them run on background process which eventually slow down your computer from the boot to your login screen and not for your desktop working experience.

You can check that after installing any kind of cleaners.

Your windows logo screen will take more time than normal one. What’s the way for it?

An inbuilt tool available in windows OS called Disk cleanup.

It cleans your computer memory and slowing your work process. You can find it by typing as cleanmgr.exe or Disk cleanup for windows 7 user and for windows XP users click start -> All programs -> accessories ->  system tools -> Disk cleanup.


Organize your files:

Organizing your files doesn’t mean that you need to separate a hard drives partition for software, media and docs files, even though that’s a good habit to keep like that.
It means when you copy files from a removable media  or adjacent hard drives , data are not properly organized.
It spread on your hard drive, eyes can’t see it.
To organize it, don’t search for any external software which also slow down your computer like I said above.
An inbuilt tool available which organizes your files and keep you computer optimized.
You can find it by typing as Disk defragmenter for windows 7 users and for windows XP users click start -> all programs -> accessories ->  system tools -> Disk defragmenter.
After clicking that disk defragmenter, a window will pop up Don’t directly start the defragment process.
First select and analyze the drive partition where your OS is installed which is mostly (c:) drive.
After the analyzing process windows will pop up a report saying that you “can defragment that drive” or not.
If it isnt there is no problem,if it is then go for defragment process.
There is one more thing to do in organizing files, that is run disk checkup which is also available inbuilt for all the partitions in your computer.
You should run the disk defragment process and disk check up process on the partition where you installed the Operating System.
If you take care of that partition, computer will take care of you.
Well, you can find the disk checkup process by right clicking on local disk (where your OS is installed) and click properties  on it.
It will show the properties of the partition, under the general tab next to that tab you will find the tool tab where you can see the disk checkup.
Click on it and it will pop up a process box and click on those check boxes for your good.
Even sometimes it says unable to run the disk check process.
Disk check will be run when you restart your computer, according to your convenience you can schedule it or you can do by at that time, if your computer is too slow.
What disk checkup does is that while in exceptional cases any of your copying files to computer from adjacent drives or from removable storage is unfortunately stopped, the destination files in the copying process reach the drives as bad sector files and it will not be organized even while defragmenting too.
This will mainly slow down the copying process you do that in future. so disk checkup clean those files.

Check your task manager:

Take a closer look at task manager.

If you dont know what it is? press ctrl + shift + esc it will pop up task manager where you can see the list of programs running in foreground and background process.
In task manager normally you will be under applications tab that shows the running applications.

Next move on to the processes tab where it will show the list of foreground process as well as background process which slowing down your computer eventually. You can get rid of that sloppy apps by following steps

1)Above the processes tab you will see view option.
2)Click on it and you will see select columns option
3)Click on it and you will see a pop up box with no. of check boxes.


4)Check out the CPU usage, CPU time, Memory usage, Peak Memory usage.
After checking those boxes close the task manager.
So you made it.
Whenever your computer start performing slowly go to task manager processes tab click on Memory usage and peak memory usage.
It won’t show you in order wise.
You can make in ascending order or descending order by click on it.
By making it in descending order you can check which process is eating your computer performance and you can end that by right clicking on that process name and click on end process tree (process and it dependencies).
If that process is important to you can set priority and restrict the process memory to use low memory consumption. To put the process in to lower priority do the following steps
1)Right Click on the process you want to change priority.
2)At the end of the pop up box you will see an option as “Set priority”.
3)Select “normal” on that process it will slow down the performance of that application.
Choose apps if you are currently not working on it. If you are currently working on that particular app and you set the priority to low you will lag in tasking experience or the application performs slowly.

Check for unwanted software:

Have you ever checked for unwanted software in control panel,

An unwanted software automatically installs on your computer when installing primary one.

When installing main software, it will prompt you to install unwanted software which additionally comes.

If you do so it will start running on background process which results to slow down your browser, computer tasking performance and more.

To escape from this kind of problem is, don’t check out those boxes on installing the primary software.

one way you can do to remove unwanted programs by visiting add or remove programs in control panel and remove that software which is not wholly familiar to you.


Desktop icons:

Desktop icons play a major role in slowing down your computer performance. Yes! It is.

If you have large of files or icons on your desktop, move it to convenient partition and access from there.

whatever you copy on the desktop is space occupied from your OS partition.

Keep the software on the desktop which is used most . Else your computer will behave like doped or it will start to say bang bang!!!

How to make your computer secure

Is your computer secure? A big question.

Nobody can say that I am using a most secured system.

A small vulnerability in your computer can make a way for remote control access of your computer to a hacker.

Updating to the latest version in software can make your computer secure.

In every version they release, vulnerabilities are removed as much.

Secure your computer

now let me explain about some definitions for your information:-


the vulnerability might be in your software you use.
It can reduce the system security.
If a hacker gets access to your computer it can be done only by your software vulnerabilities.
with a Norton antivirus, you can see that the how many vulnerabilities software you using.

Virus: (Vital Information Research under Siege):

A virus can control your whole computer, and slow down or reboot your computer unnecessarily and steal your  data.

Most of the viruses are creating in command prompt and saved in as Batch file.

After the making of the batch file, it is converted to EXE files.

Ensure you are installing an “exe” files and not the malware one.



Malware is software programmed by hackers to get the full access to your computer,to interrupt your computer operation and gather sensitive information of yours.

whether a malware software is connected to your computer(via IP) ,automatically it starts doing it own commands.

For e.g. Moving your mouse pointer in opposite direction,

Moving your mouse pointer in opposite direction,

Slow down your computer ,

unable to open the browser or browser suddenly closed.

Update security:


Browser security:

Always use the updated version of the browsers and do update always.

It maintains your security and removes the bugs from your computer.That’s why browser companies always release the new versions to update.


OS security:

Update your windows,mac or ubuntu operating system always. OS companies always require their users to update computer for security purposes and speed up your computer.

Make sure that your computer firewall is turned on.

OS companies always insist their users update computer for security purposes and speed up your computer.

Event viewer(windows):

Press start button and type “event viewer” (Without quotes) hit enter, on the left side pane you can see the windows custom logs (expand it) you can see the security tab under it.

by clicking on the security tab you can see the records of your computer by the names “audit success” and “audit failure”.

well, I will tell you what is it mean by.

Event viewer show about every login,log off ,turn off and who came inside to your computer via your IP.

Red warning symbol in event viewer shows that cracker attacked your system.

Audit success and Audit failure shows about your local information.

To protect this, buy a good antivirus and update  it regularly.i will recommend you some good firewalls which I know.


Firewall is the essential one in a computer.

If your computer firewall is turned off,  your computer might get hacked.

To protect your computer you must turn on your firewall.

A great antivirus or firewall can protect your computer from the attacks.


Important firewalls:

Norton Antivirus:

Norton antivirus is the great antivirus with firewall support.

It protects your computer from attacks with safe search in browser.

Norton shows you the hack tools on your computer that you are unaware of.

Zone alarm:

Zone alarm is a great one in the firewall with maximum protection capability.

It protects you from the phishing and malware possibilities and anytime you can maximize or minimize your security for your preference and many more opinion is Zone alarm, choose your favorite one.

Password security:

Here comes the trouble, the password is the main thing for all the security risks you face.

If you are using strong password (not only in email id) like computer login,BIOS password and where you need to secure your things).

For making a stronger password check out my article

Creating a secure Password

My advice:

Don’t click on a link that has short URL

Makes sure that if you are willing to visit  and not the site like ““, never click on it.

Not only this website, what I mentioned above.

This is called as a spam link.

Do a quick google search and start browsing

Spam link can get your account details like email id,passwords, and other sensitive information to crackers in a matter of seconds.

Do a quick safe with Norton search or make sure it is a proper website to visit.

My best recommend to make your computer secure is “BUY ORIGINAL , BE SAFE and UPDATE IT REGULARLY”.