4 Browser Security Tools Will Make You Question Everything?

Browser security tools plays a major role nowadays.

Can you promise that you are using a safer internet?

Debatable! isn’t it.

This is why tech savvy people always use some browser security tools to stay safe from internet.

These tools doesn’t mean to be your personal internet army but it will give you access to what is happening behind the internet.

And you will come to know how to get protected yourself from malicious internet use.

Let’s get started.

Browser security tools:

1) HTTP everything:

What is HTTP everything?

When you visit a website, how sure you know that website is so secure to use.

Some may say Website has Http(s) version that makes the site secure.

And what if it isn’t having one?

This is where HTTPS everything comes into play.

It secures your website communications from your browser to the site you visit.

Whenever you visit a website, your browser gets an acknowledgement that the website is a secured one or non secured one.

Then you will see a green https symbol text in the URL address bar.

And these things happens in seconds when you type the website URL.

If the URL doesn’t have any green Https symbol, HTTPS everywhere will start to work before full loading of website.

If you are wondering how can you get to start with this to install in my browser.

Below are the various links for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browser users.

For Chrome users: HTTPS Everywhere

For Mozilla users: HTTPS Everywhere

For Opera users: HTTPS Everywhere

2) Privacy Badger:

HTTPS everywhere protects your from non secured websites to safe your online journey.

Unlike HTTPS everywhere, Privacy badger protects you and your identity from spying ads.

Yes! You are tracked by the ads you see. it is happening and some aware of it and some isn’t.

To stop Ad piracy lots of online agencies are fighting for this.

You can make a protection yourself from these ads when you using internet.

Privacy badger allows you to do this and it also guides you to setup and configure, once you install it in your browser.

It also asks for your permissions to teach that addon whether the website is considered to be spying website or non spying website with RED, YELLOW, and GREEN symbol.

Below are the add on links for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera users.

For Chrome users: Privacy Badger

For Mozilla users: Privacy Badger

For Opera users: Privacy Badger

3) NoScript:

As it name suggests, Noscript allows you to stop scripts that you feel not needed for this website or to stop some unresponsive scripts.

What is the use of it?

When you visit a website, some Java scripts will run that will give you a good interaction with the website.

But when you dig in detail, you will see some lot of unwanted scripts.

This No script add on will allow you to stop those script.

Everything is okay. But what a script does?

It is one of the key ingredient for stealing your computer information or your information from your end without your acknowledgement, if the website has some unwanted scripts.

Note: When you install this NoScript addons, some website may not work fully as nowadays website fully relies on the java scripts.

Install if and only know what you are doing with this addons.

Note: Noscript is officially available for mozilla firefox users only

For Mozilla Users: NoScript

Also Saikat Basu Suggests some browser security tests to prevent exploit attacks

4) Google Protection:

When everyone provides security addons, so also google.

But it doesn’t provide security in tools.

Instead it is securing your account from unauthorised usages.

Google generally provides a security checkup to your account which can be checked in my account privacy checkup section.

Unlike privacy checks, it suggests a physical attachment to secure your account from unauthorised usages.

Sounds Interesting right!

Get started:Google advanced account protection link

So did I miss anything to mention your favourite browser security tools.

Comment below and share how you can secure your browser communications.

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How to remove android malware

Are you tired of getting unwanted full screen ads in your android smart phone?

That will be purely disturbing you to the core and the work you do.

And you may have tried many solutions and you will be succeeded only for few minutes and it again continues.

let me tell you today the five proven steps to solve and remove android malware (Virus) completely.

Remove android malware:

Before going into the steps of killing those malware , let me share the details of how it is entering in your smartphone so you will come to know what you are doing with smartphone.

1) Check the installation source:

when is the last time you checked your app installation source.

You may getting the apps (.APK) file from your friends or other apps provider like 9Apps.

As an android user, install the apps from Google playstore and not from other unsecured sources.

Even if you try to install it from other apps providers, you android smartphone will suggest you that

Don’t install it from unknown sources

If you haven’t seen that suggestion, you can turn that off by visiting settings -> security -> turn off unknown sources.

Note: Turning that settings on my cause you to install an app along with malware from other sources easily.

You are secured by your smartphone with protection.

2) Think when the problem started:

When unwanted ad pop ups started showing on your mobile , you will start to think only on how to remove it.

But if you narrow down your thinking to when the problem started , it will lead you to the file downloaded from website, because that could be your favourite or essential app for you.

Try to get the conflict app or file which made the problem started and kill it.

You problem will be solved almost and you will be free from further ad pop ups.

3) I have security tool and cleaners:

Yes, every smartphone comes with security tool and cleaners that clean your junks timely.

Also you may be wondering why the virus encountered in your smartphone and thinking what these inbuilt tools are doing in my mobile.

Let me tell you the secret behind this,

those virus apps made by hackers are very stronger than what you are inbuilt smartphone tool has

Shocking isn’t it.

So keenly watch whenever you install an app or download a file from website that is not familiar to download with.

4) I will install an antivirus:

Yes, that’s a good idea to do.

But you remember the point which I said earlier in this article

those virus apps made by hackers are very stronger than what you are inbuilt smartphone tool has

Yes, that’s true for antivirus tools too.

Anti virus are programmed by security experts with list of their known malware, Trojans and spywares.

What it actually does is, it tries to matches the virus with their database and if it matches you are lucky else it says

Aha! Your phone is virus free

But it silently resides in your smartphone and if its there for long time , think all of your locally stored data are with them.

So are you tired of what I am going to say next, don’t panic I am going to provide the solution


Try installing the Anti Malware bytes android app in your smartphone.

I hear you, you are asking me is the above app better than all anti virus apps.

Yes it is! How ? The above app is developed by security experts and hackers too.

So they will constantly gives security updates to that app to secure your smartphone.

You may be wondering , don’t the antivirus company does the same.

But can any one prove why antivirus fails to secure your smartphone sometimes.

That’s where to Anti Malware bytes comes to help you.

Try installing the app and once you see the result you will be happy with your smartphone.

Security experts Nick Lewis suggest some advises on removing the android malware.

Do you know any other security measures that helped you to stop the malware problems in your android smartphone?

or if you have any doubts regarding to your smartphone security, or any other viruses

do comment and let everyone know.

If you like this article, share it with your friends, colleagues and let them know and save their android smartphone too.

Judy malware infects 36.5 million android devices

This is not the next ransomware for mobile.

But Judy malware has been developed by some Korean company to generate ads click to make a gain of revenue.

How it spread into the Android devices.

Yes via the Google play store.

It is widely spread into 41 apps which are developed by the korean company.

The worst part is the virus has been in google play store for a long time.

After Checkpoint reported to Google about this issue, those apps are removed from play store.

So let’s look at how this app works and how to secure your android phone in future.

Judy Malware:

How does Judy Malware work:

Judy malware is an adware that generates clicks to gain revenue.

Once you download any of the apps from this app providing company,

They will silently take control of your smartphone.

This app act as a bridge to their server.

Once you downloaded and activated this app i.e. this app makes the connection to the server

And in return, it will send a malicious code that will make the false ad clicks.

Once the code entered into your phone it will silently open a hidden web page on your smartphone.

Then it will enter the target website to generate illegitimate clicks.

How to secure your smartphone from malware and viruses:

Even you may have a reliable antivirus in your smartphone.

Or even some of you may be thinking that how does the Linux-based Android os get infects.

Well, the reason could be installing apps from untrustable sources and things may lead you to corrupt your smartphone.

I will suggest a malware remover app which is personally I have tried to remove malware.

This app, unlike other apps which not only make a partial scan of your files or virus files and show off.

it will scan all of the installed apps and apps that you haven’t installed in your smartphone i.e. you may keeping the app as a .apk file in your file manager.

The scan may take a long process though, but its worth of time.

Well, am not promoting or affiliated with this app.

My mobile got infected once with some viruses that control my smartphone to randomly show full page ads.

Then this app malware bytes anti malware which helped me to remove the virus which was with .apk file

If you feel this article prevented you from getting infected, share this article with your friends and let them know about this too.

Feel free to comment if you have any doubts or suggestions.


Easily find your stolen computer or mobile

Many of you think that stolen computer or mobile is hard to retrieve? No, it’s not.

You can retrieve your computer or mobile by my idea, but it has some conditions to work, yes it definitely works.

In this digital world, anything is possible to do on digital things.

If you have lost your mobile phone or laptop then this article can bring your happiness again.

This idea works only if you were having the internet in your home or data connection for mobile users.

If you weren’t used internet connection when you were having laptop or mobile, then I am sorry I can’t help you at this point.

Even though I will give some tips for those who weren’t having an internet connection.

Recently one of my friend laptops got stolen in midnight and he was not able to do anything on it, he lost his first favorite laptop and his lovable mobile phone too.

So let me now tell the things you need to do, before that you have to learn so you can thoroughly understand what’s happening.

The first step you have to do is you have to know your

MAC ID (for laptop and mobile)

IMEI (for mobile alone)

If the above words meaning nothing to you, don’t worry I explained the above words.

To those who know what that are you can further go to the end of an article by skipping the two paragraphs.

But I strongly recommend you that reading this will help you to understand the things clearly.

MAC: (Media Access Control):

MAC address is a special address which is imprinted on the Network card of your laptop and desktop.

In addition to that, the internet works with this MAC address by combining with the IP address of your network.

So how to find the MAC address of your laptop in windows and apple computers.

For windows users:

I just need you to press window + R key in your computer, you will see run dialog with a text box.

Type cmd in it.

If you did it correctly you will see a black screen with white text with the version of Microsoft windows you use.

If you are there, then type “getmac” Without space as “getmac”.

You will see an address something as “FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF”.

Note: “FF” is just for reference. Your computer MAC address will be in alphanumeric.

For apple users:

Open the system preferences from the apple menuAnd then click system preferences.

A window will open up with the settings.

Click network under the internet and wireless section.

Click WI-Fi in a left side and click advanced in bottom right corner of the window.

In that window, you will see sections as Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, DNS, and goes on and ends with hardware.

When you click hardware in that window you will see the Mac address of your network card.


IMEI is a short form of International Mobile Equipment identifier.

Where you can see the unique address of your mobile phone.

Just type “*#06#” in your mobile keypad and itself shows some numbers.

If your mobile supports dual SIM card then it will show two IMEI number.

By these two addresses, you can easily find your stolen laptop and mobile.

For computer:

Now I have separated the topic into two categories as

Without internet

with internet

Without the internet:

I think most of the people uses the internet if you didn’t then bad luck.

Although I will give some tips.

If your computer is first hand, then you can see your manual guide check to the serial or product number of your computer in your warranty card.

With that, you can easily call your laptop manufacturer customer care and asks for your device MAC address by explaining your situation.

With the internet:

Above said things will help you for those who lost the laptop without using the internet.

75% of people don’t note down those addresses, even computer geeks too.

If you have used the laptop with internet and you don’t know the MAC address, don’t worry.

Call your internet service provider and ask for your MAC address.

No don’t directly ask your MAC address, they will doubt you as the thief and trying to steal someone’s

personal information.

Tell about your situation and requests for MAC address of your laptop.

Then they will ask you for confirmation by mentioning the proof name and address,  you were provided at the registration.

Thereafter you will get the MAC address.

For mobile:

In the case of mobile, IMEI is enough to find a phone.

Do the above steps to find MAC address of your phone by providing the IMEI and model name of your Smartphone from the company manufacturer.

If the manufacturer didn’t give the MAC address. No worries call your mobile service customer care and ask for IMEI.

Not the current IMEI.

if you ask for current IMEI they will give the one which the phone you are speaking.

Request them to get the earlier IMEI. You may ask, How do they give that which is lost one? Let me explain you

Every time you when you change the SIM card or put the SIM card in your mobile phone,

Your Smartphone will send a message to SIM provider company with your IMEI,MAC address and UID of your smart phone.

In this case, your phone is stolen and the thief must be removed your SIM card and using any of his SIM cards after he got the mobile.

If you want to know how your mobile phone sends the IMEI and MAC address to mobile service provider read an article Here.

If your laptop and mobile are second hand and you haven’t noted down those address then you can’t do anything. I am sorry for that.

Okay, I got those address now what do I do with that?
Get those addresses to nearest local law enforcement, especially to cyber security division.

Tell them and make a complaint on it.

They will easily track the lost mobile or laptop with that address and they will return you.

Are you using strong password for your E-mail?

Creating Strong and secure password is somewhat a tricky thing. We don’t take care of creating secure password that much whilst creating account, that is too within a minute, but when the account gets hack we get worried. After analyzing on how we get hacked, we start securing our things. We don’t need to worry if password is strong. There are some procedures to create a strong password that surely works and no one can surpass it except some peculiar password stealing techniques.

how to crerate strong password

Password Choosing


Make long phrase:

Have you ever thought to create a password which has long phrase and that too not commonly speaking word? Like “amwonderingonthis”, “whatquestionisthis” and “notespeciallythis”. These are the type of words you can have as your account passwords. So you may think that, what is the use of long phrase, that too I have seen in many websites suggesting for and I dont know why? So I have decided to create normal one. Here I tell the reason, why some websites tell you to create a long phrase password. There are some hack tools and techniques which can easily get your password to hackers and get the full access of your account. Whilst they are be able to get your password as letter by letter, if it has common words or only alphabets or  only numbers or only symbols. So dont make a password with only consisting of alphabets, numbers or symbols. Even whilst making with long phrase.

Length of your password:

You should really consider on length of your passwords because short password give hackers to take gain of your password easily like within 5 or 10 minutes. An hacker may get the password of your account if he/she is with hacking tools. If it is long he might or mightnt get the password depend on the password strength you made. So keep in mind that length of password which makes more than 8 characters. Not only more than 8 characters,you can make password length from 10 to 13 letters if you can remember it.

Use alphanumeric words and symbols:

This one makes us feel lazy to type, but this is the essential one to make your password strong. Like I said above, make your password that consist alphanumeric and symbols like the above I mentioned words like “Amw0nd3r!ng0n3” , “whAtqu3st!0n!sth!s”. does it make sense to you? Analyze it patiently I have capitalized some of the letters, changed to symbols and numbers too from original word. These kind of passwords takes too much of time to get gain of your account with hacking tools. Yes! Unlike short password it has various characters like symbols, numbers, capitalized alphabets and important one it is long. So the hacker might give-up to hack your account because it will be so time-lengthy.

Dont use general words and personal details:

Are you still using general words and personal details? Then you are doing wrong, stop doing that one. Because your general words are known by your close friends and your personal details are in face book and other social networks. Even though if you use general words and personal details as alphanumeric words and symbols , there are some possibilities that your account might gets hack. Because some of your friends might be keep trying on the information that they know about you to get the access of your account.

Safe situation & conclusion:

Dont login your account if youre surrounded by strangers or you are at common places. You might think that you can safely type the password but some of the strangers might be safely watching you typing of your password. So avoid logging to your important account if you are at public Wi-Fi or logging from hotspot networks. So finally coming to the conclusion I suggest you that a strong and secure password must have above conditions. If isnt so your account is easily visible to hackers. There are more security things to prevent your account from hackers and staying safe online. For staying safe online I suggest you to read my article Make your computer Secure.

Make your comments below to lore people.

How to make your computer secure

Is your computer secure? A big question.

Nobody can say that I am using a most secured system.

A small vulnerability in your computer can make a way for remote control access of your computer to a hacker.

Updating to the latest version in software can make your computer secure.

In every version they release, vulnerabilities are removed as much.

Secure your computer

now let me explain about some definitions for your information:-


the vulnerability might be in your software you use.
It can reduce the system security.
If a hacker gets access to your computer it can be done only by your software vulnerabilities.
with a Norton antivirus, you can see that the how many vulnerabilities software you using.

Virus: (Vital Information Research under Siege):

A virus can control your whole computer, and slow down or reboot your computer unnecessarily and steal your  data.

Most of the viruses are creating in command prompt and saved in as Batch file.

After the making of the batch file, it is converted to EXE files.

Ensure you are installing an “exe” files and not the malware one.



Malware is software programmed by hackers to get the full access to your computer,to interrupt your computer operation and gather sensitive information of yours.

whether a malware software is connected to your computer(via IP) ,automatically it starts doing it own commands.

For e.g. Moving your mouse pointer in opposite direction,

Moving your mouse pointer in opposite direction,

Slow down your computer ,

unable to open the browser or browser suddenly closed.

Update security:


Browser security:

Always use the updated version of the browsers and do update always.

It maintains your security and removes the bugs from your computer.That’s why browser companies always release the new versions to update.


OS security:

Update your windows,mac or ubuntu operating system always. OS companies always require their users to update computer for security purposes and speed up your computer.

Make sure that your computer firewall is turned on.

OS companies always insist their users update computer for security purposes and speed up your computer.

Event viewer(windows):

Press start button and type “event viewer” (Without quotes) hit enter, on the left side pane you can see the windows custom logs (expand it) you can see the security tab under it.

by clicking on the security tab you can see the records of your computer by the names “audit success” and “audit failure”.

well, I will tell you what is it mean by.

Event viewer show about every login,log off ,turn off and who came inside to your computer via your IP.

Red warning symbol in event viewer shows that cracker attacked your system.

Audit success and Audit failure shows about your local information.

To protect this, buy a good antivirus and update  it regularly.i will recommend you some good firewalls which I know.


Firewall is the essential one in a computer.

If your computer firewall is turned off,  your computer might get hacked.

To protect your computer you must turn on your firewall.

A great antivirus or firewall can protect your computer from the attacks.


Important firewalls:

Norton Antivirus:

Norton antivirus is the great antivirus with firewall support.

It protects your computer from attacks with safe search in browser.

Norton shows you the hack tools on your computer that you are unaware of.

Zone alarm:

Zone alarm is a great one in the firewall with maximum protection capability.

It protects you from the phishing and malware possibilities and anytime you can maximize or minimize your security for your preference and many more features.my opinion is Zone alarm, choose your favorite one.

Password security:

Here comes the trouble, the password is the main thing for all the security risks you face.

If you are using strong password (not only in email id) like computer login,BIOS password and where you need to secure your things).

For making a stronger password check out my article

Creating a secure Password

My advice:

Don’t click on a link that has short URL

Makes sure that if you are willing to visit www.gmail.com  and not the site like “www.gamil.com“, never click on it.

Not only this website, what I mentioned above.

This is called as a spam link.

Do a quick google search and start browsing

Spam link can get your account details like email id,passwords, and other sensitive information to crackers in a matter of seconds.

Do a quick safe with Norton search or make sure it is a proper website to visit.

My best recommend to make your computer secure is “BUY ORIGINAL , BE SAFE and UPDATE IT REGULARLY”.