Open your favorite websites while opening your browser

In today’s article am explaining about opening your favorite websites when you start your browser. Yes! You don’t have to type the websites name each time you are willing to visit. It’s not a bookmark thing, it’s not a saved one. This idea came from when I experimenting with my old website “Infophobia” to launch the website without typing. Later I forgot that thing and yesterday when I was experimenting with Chrome browser to launch A bloggersite without typing, I got another method for opening the website.In this article, I will explain these two methods to open your favorite websites. Let me start with methods I experimented.


Method 1:

Right,click in empty space on your computer.
Where, you can see the list of options with an option called “new”.
Place your pointer on new and you will get another set of options.
In that options click on shortcut which is the top second one in the list.
Click on it and you will be asked to type the location name you are willing to go.
Type a website name and then click next.
And in the next step give a name for your icon.
You have done it.
There will be a new icon on your desktop with the name you have given.
Click on it and you will directly visit the website you typed.

Method 2:

Right click on your browser and then click properties on it.
There will be three tabs saying “general”, “shortcut” and “compatibility”.
Click shortcut on it and you will see a label called target with a text box
And text box content ending with words like chrome.exe ”.
After to the double quotation mark type the websites name you are willing to visit.
Note: Don’t type more websites name as it will slow down your computer.
Maximum of three or four is allowed to type in that box.
Refer the above image for experimenting method 2.
If you have any doubts about doing this thing, feel free to comment below.

Web Hosting control panel and its uses

The web hosting control panel and its uses are known to many. Web hosting Control panel (C-panel) is solely used for managing websites internally and externally. And this is a sequence of post in the website category. The first three articles I explained about are

How to buy a domain name for your website?

If you are not aware of this anyone or haven’t read any of the articles, I suggest you to read those articles before reading this article.

Because directly knowing about web hosting control panel is not good to know while learning about websites.Now I will explain what the basic tools available in C-panel are and I also explain what you can do with it?

Now I will explain what the basic tools available in C-panel are and I also explain what you can do with it? They are





Software and Services

Apps installing service (Content Management Systems)

File manager

So these are the most important tools available in your control panel, depend upon your hosting provider extra services may available such as website logs monitoring and super charging (i.e. control panel gives an extra layer of security to your website) and much more.

what is web hosting contro panel
Thanks to Crypt Life for providing the image.

The image shown above is from Blue host hosting.


1) Domain:

In this section you have the option to create a sub domain, redirecting your website to another website, editing the DNS (Domain Name Server) and parked domain.


2) Mail:

In this section you have the option to manage the Email account, Email forwarding, mailing lists, auto responders, email authentication and importing the email address list and forwarding.of your website.


3) Security:

In this section you have the option to manage the security of website internally i.e. protecting your file manager and some other important services like IP denying and protecting files with password in your


4) Databases:

This is where you files are about to get uploaded to visible in website. Most of the hosting company uses MySQL to get access to the database. In this section you can create user to control the website back end
structure. If this meaning nothing to you I suggest you to read this article here


5) Software and services:

In this section you will have the option to manage the software version of your website. If your website files are coded with php you can control the version of php here. Depend upon the hosting company this may vary.


6) Apps installing services:

This is where the content management systems like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla comes. With the advantage of this software you can create a website within seconds by following the on screen instructions from your hosting company.


7) File manager:

In this section you can manage your website files, backing up your website files, amount of disk space consumed by your website files, FTP accounts to control website file i.e. controlling your website files without logging in via this is what the basic important tools in control panel for beginners. And there are lots of tools available. i will keep explaining about that in my upcoming posts.


In my next posts I will explain what are the things you need to done with when you buy domain and hosting for your website.

Google announces earning program for developers and business peoples

Google an internet giant started with the search engine now having lot of products to
explore for school kids, college geeks, and business peoples. Google also offers us to market through Google ad words and Google ad sense. Everyday Google products are reaching the sky. After recent joining of google’s  new CEO i.e. sundar pichai , Google is getting revamped. Alright I am here today to discuss about the Google short-term earning program which is solely for business people and developers, but there are some restrictions and advantages too. Restrictions are not main problem now,
with the help of earning you also involving on new things if you are newbie. Alright now let me you tell the 2 programs offered by google. This offer available in India and specific countries, if you are outside of India, check the google FAQs link below.
how to earn from google
google earning an opportunity

Google app referral program:

Google cloud platform:

#1 Google app refer program:

Google apps offer lot of features for your business to develop with affordable price. But this time Google announced a referral earning program with 7.5 dollar per active user, although they have some restrictions.When you sign up to Google app referral program they will mail you a unique referral link.With that link you can suggest your friends to join.

Once they have joined and become active user you will get 7.5 dollar per user.
You can also refer unlimited number of referrals.
My referral link is
And there is also a coupon code from my side which gives you 20% offer per user for the first year and the code expires on june 30th 2016, if you sign up with this I will get some dollars.

Don’t mind to sign up with my referrals and my coupon code is is the FAQ’s for google app referral program

#2 Google cloud platform:

This program is solely for developers, even though if you are willing to become a developer you can join Google cloud platform.
Alright I don’t know what is Google cloud platform mean?
Well it’s a cloud platform which allows you to create, test and deploy website or make an app and so on.
The main feature is you will create it with the products what Google internally using for their development. Nice isn’t it.
In this program Google gives you 300 dollar to spend on google cloud platform for next 60 days.

Here is the link for Google cloud platform.And also the FAQ’s for google cloud platform

How to buy a domain name

Hello friends,

In this article, I am going to teach you how to buy a domain name for your first website.

Probably for most of you who are reading this article might be excited to buy their new domain name. But why a domain name?

It might be to start a blog, portfolio website or any kind of website like fashion, music.

So what may be your wish, you can buy a website and start earning from it.

But there are lots of domain TLDs available to buy.

if you are confused to choose domain extension, then I prefer you to choose the most famous and common one “.com”, If you are willing to host any kind of blog or website.

If you are planning for websites like charity or an organization I prefer you to choose .org , even today most new domain TLDs are available like .name .info, .biz and so on.

So choose your right domain and then buy it.

In this article, I am about to teach you to how to buy a domain name alone.

In my next article, I  will teach you to how to buy hosting for your domain name and how to host the website and make it live in the internet world.

Okay! I heard your question.Where do I go for purchasing a domain name???

Buy a domain name:

There are so many domain name providers like, 1 and,,, and so on.

I prefer you to choose GoDaddy because they give lots of features to their customers.

So here we go, Let me start with the step by step procedure for buying a website and make it your own within few seconds.

In the example, I am using GoDaddy site. If you are buying with other service providers it may vary (no not a whole thing, only the user interface) you can easily buy it don’t worry. let’s dive!

How to buy a domain name
Godaddy website search bar

 Step 1: (Checking your domain name)

Visit and you will see a search bar saying that find your perfect domain name,yes!!! the box shown above , give your name there and choose your domain whether it is .com or .org and check whether it is available or not.

If it is available you are lucky to buy that website.

If it is not available you need to change the whole name or slight changes.

Mostly slight changes in website name are not preferred due to it affect lots of troubles in search engine listing.

So try to change it to a new name and don’t try to slightly change the website name which is already acquired.


How to buy a domain name
Website name taken


Step 2: (if You got a name lets purchase!)

Ok if you got it,  the webpage says your domain name is available.

If it is so then select the select button which shows your domain name under the green line and click on continue to cart button which is above the green line ! no more works.

See the below image for reference.

how to buy domain name
domain name available

Step 3: (Cart update)

Okay,In this page GoDaddy will ask you for extra things for your websites like securing your domain name from hackers, your billing information shouldn’t be public and hosting details and so on.

choose which one you want.

You can neglect them if you are not willing to buy those, because if you are about to put hosting in other hosting services you can leave them.

If you are applying for free hosting then you should secure your domain. If you are applying for hosting also in GoDaddy you can choose a better plan.

After selecting those things click “proceed to checkout”  under the total savings to continue.

Cart Update
Payment options

Step 4: (Creating account and buying website )

If you are a new customer to GoDaddy create an account by signing up, without creating account in godaddy you cannot buy a website.

After creating your account it will redirect you to final cart page.

Review your cart update and see the cost of the website in the sidebar which might be with offer or any discounts.

Below to that GoDdaddy will ask for your banking credentials to complete your purchase by providing you bank details like

your debit card number,

card expiration date,

and your card CVV.

Before that make sure that which type of paying method suits you. You can choose net banking or credit card or debit card.

After choosing your payment method and clicking place your order on final cart page they will redirect you to a secure page for the transaction.

After the successful transaction, it will redirect you to your account which you were created during account setup process.

And you can see your website under my products domain


8 resources to learn free computer programming

In the computer world, programming is an essential one for all.

That’s why some websites provide free online programming tutorials for who those interested in programming.

These are the websites we can make it more useful for us and for our fellas too.

lots and lots of programming practice can make to get a job in an MNC company.

It is also useful for beginners and advanced users.

Below is a list of websites to learn programming tutorials free.

Learn programming


learn programming languages

1)”c” programming-

“c” programming is an important one for can learn it here starting with basics. E-books also available.Reference, source codes and much more.visit website to know more.

2)tree house –

“team treehouse”  is also a learning website based on the categories like websites, programming, business, and development.check out this site to know more.

3)w3schools –

“w3schools”  this is what I am talking about.Do u want to learn how to programme for must drench here, at w3schools you will get the full course load with try example.most useful for beginners.

4)world best learning center –

“world best learning center ” the name itself implies that what you will do when you got all programming courses in one place.Tutorials, exercises, CSS question and tips.what are you waiting for hit the link and start learning.5)code academy –

5)code academy –

“code academy” the front page of the website itself teaches how to programmes and you can also teach can learn to code on PHP, HTML, CSS, javascript, python, and ruby.

 6)academictutorials –

“academic tutorials” you can learn easily and quickly about html tutorials,xml tutorials, browser scripting, server scripting .NET and much more.

7)happycodings –

“happy codings” finally you can get examples for web based programmes like html,css, java, ajax and much more.go to the link and know more. beacause it has lots of coding examples.

8)Hosting this  –

This website has lot of resources available for website masters. Mainly I was reading about lisp programming language which is very well written in the website. I have mentioned a direct link of the lisp programming language.