Are you using strong password for your E-mail?

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Creating Strong and secure password is somewhat a tricky thing. We don’t take care of creating secure password that much whilst creating account, that is too within a minute, but when the account gets hack we get worried. After analyzing on how we get hacked, we start securing our things. We don’t need to worry if password is strong. There are some procedures to create a strong password that surely works and no one can surpass it except some peculiar password stealing techniques.

how to crerate strong password

Password Choosing


Make long phrase:

Have you ever thought to create a password which has long phrase and that too not commonly speaking word? Like “amwonderingonthis”, “whatquestionisthis” and “notespeciallythis”. These are the type of words you can have as your account passwords. So you may think that, what is the use of long phrase, that too I have seen in many websites suggesting for and I dont know why? So I have decided to create normal one. Here I tell the reason, why some websites tell you to create a long phrase password. There are some hack tools and techniques which can easily get your password to hackers and get the full access of your account. Whilst they are be able to get your password as letter by letter, if it has common words or only alphabets or  only numbers or only symbols. So dont make a password with only consisting of alphabets, numbers or symbols. Even whilst making with long phrase.

Length of your password:

You should really consider on length of your passwords because short password give hackers to take gain of your password easily like within 5 or 10 minutes. An hacker may get the password of your account if he/she is with hacking tools. If it is long he might or mightnt get the password depend on the password strength you made. So keep in mind that length of password which makes more than 8 characters. Not only more than 8 characters,you can make password length from 10 to 13 letters if you can remember it.

Use alphanumeric words and symbols:

This one makes us feel lazy to type, but this is the essential one to make your password strong. Like I said above, make your password that consist alphanumeric and symbols like the above I mentioned words like “Amw0nd3r!ng0n3” , “whAtqu3st!0n!sth!s”. does it make sense to you? Analyze it patiently I have capitalized some of the letters, changed to symbols and numbers too from original word. These kind of passwords takes too much of time to get gain of your account with hacking tools. Yes! Unlike short password it has various characters like symbols, numbers, capitalized alphabets and important one it is long. So the hacker might give-up to hack your account because it will be so time-lengthy.

Dont use general words and personal details:

Are you still using general words and personal details? Then you are doing wrong, stop doing that one. Because your general words are known by your close friends and your personal details are in face book and other social networks. Even though if you use general words and personal details as alphanumeric words and symbols , there are some possibilities that your account might gets hack. Because some of your friends might be keep trying on the information that they know about you to get the access of your account.

Safe situation & conclusion:

Dont login your account if youre surrounded by strangers or you are at common places. You might think that you can safely type the password but some of the strangers might be safely watching you typing of your password. So avoid logging to your important account if you are at public Wi-Fi or logging from hotspot networks. So finally coming to the conclusion I suggest you that a strong and secure password must have above conditions. If isnt so your account is easily visible to hackers. There are more security things to prevent your account from hackers and staying safe online. For staying safe online I suggest you to read my article Make your computer Secure.

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