4 Browser Security Tools Will Make You Question Everything?

Browser security tools

Browser security tools plays a major role nowadays.

Can you promise that you are using a safer internet?

Debatable! isn’t it.

This is why tech savvy people always use some browser security tools to stay safe from internet.

These tools doesn’t mean to be your personal internet army but it will give you access to what is happening behind the internet.

And you will come to know how to get protected yourself from malicious internet use.

Let’s get started.

Browser security tools:

1) HTTP everything:

What is HTTP everything?

When you visit a website, how sure you know that website is so secure to use.

Some may say Website has Http(s) version that makes the site secure.

And what if it isn’t having one?

This is where HTTPS everything comes into play.

It secures your website communications from your browser to the site you visit.

Whenever you visit a website, your browser gets an acknowledgement that the website is a secured one or non secured one.

Then you will see a green https symbol text in the URL address bar.

And these things happens in seconds when you type the website URL.

If the URL doesn’t have any green Https symbol, HTTPS everywhere will start to work before full loading of website.

If you are wondering how can you get to start with this to install in my browser.

Below are the various links for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browser users.

For Chrome users: HTTPS Everywhere

For Mozilla users: HTTPS Everywhere

For Opera users: HTTPS Everywhere

2) Privacy Badger:

HTTPS everywhere protects your from non secured websites to safe your online journey.

Unlike HTTPS everywhere, Privacy badger protects you and your identity from spying ads.

Yes! You are tracked by the ads you see. it is happening and some aware of it and some isn’t.

To stop Ad piracy lots of online agencies are fighting for this.

You can make a protection yourself from these ads when you using internet.

Privacy badger allows you to do this and it also guides you to setup and configure, once you install it in your browser.

It also asks for your permissions to teach that addon whether the website is considered to be spying website or non spying website with RED, YELLOW, and GREEN symbol.

Below are the add on links for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera users.

For Chrome users: Privacy Badger

For Mozilla users: Privacy Badger

For Opera users: Privacy Badger

3) NoScript:

As it name suggests, Noscript allows you to stop scripts that you feel not needed for this website or to stop some unresponsive scripts.

What is the use of it?

When you visit a website, some Java scripts will run that will give you a good interaction with the website.

But when you dig in detail, you will see some lot of unwanted scripts.

This No script add on will allow you to stop those script.

Everything is okay. But what a script does?

It is one of the key ingredient for stealing your computer information or your information from your end without your acknowledgement, if the website has some unwanted scripts.

Note: When you install this NoScript addons, some website may not work fully as nowadays website fully relies on the java scripts.

Install if and only know what you are doing with this addons.

Note: Noscript is officially available for mozilla firefox users only

For Mozilla Users: NoScript

Also Saikat Basu Suggests some browser security tests to prevent exploit attacks

4) Google Protection:

When everyone provides security addons, so also google.

But it doesn’t provide security in tools.

Instead it is securing your account from unauthorised usages.

Google generally provides a security checkup to your account which can be checked in my account privacy checkup section.

Unlike privacy checks, it suggests a physical attachment to secure your account from unauthorised usages.

Sounds Interesting right!

Get started:Google advanced account protection link

So did I miss anything to mention your favourite browser security tools.

Comment below and share how you can secure your browser communications.

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