Easily find your stolen computer or mobile

Find stolen computer

Many of you think that stolen computer or mobile is hard to retrieve? No, it’s not.

You can retrieve your computer or mobile by my idea, but it has some conditions to work, yes it definitely works.

In this digital world, anything is possible to do on digital things.

If you have lost your mobile phone or laptop then this article can bring your happiness again.

This idea works only if you were having the internet in your home or data connection for mobile users.

If you weren’t used internet connection when you were having laptop or mobile, then I am sorry I can’t help you at this point.

Even though I will give some tips for those who weren’t having an internet connection.

Recently one of my friend laptops got stolen in midnight and he was not able to do anything on it, he lost his first favorite laptop and his lovable mobile phone too.

So let me now tell the things you need to do, before that you have to learn so you can thoroughly understand what’s happening.

The first step you have to do is you have to know your

MAC ID (for laptop and mobile)

IMEI (for mobile alone)

If the above words meaning nothing to you, don’t worry I explained the above words.

To those who know what that are you can further go to the end of an article by skipping the two paragraphs.

But I strongly recommend you that reading this will help you to understand the things clearly.

MAC: (Media Access Control):

MAC address is a special address which is imprinted on the Network card of your laptop and desktop.

In addition to that, the internet works with this MAC address by combining with the IP address of your network.

So how to find the MAC address of your laptop in windows and apple computers.

For windows users:

I just need you to press window + R key in your computer, you will see run dialog with a text box.

Type cmd in it.

If you did it correctly you will see a black screen with white text with the version of Microsoft windows you use.

If you are there, then type “getmac” Without space as “getmac”.

You will see an address something as “FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF”.

Note: “FF” is just for reference. Your computer MAC address will be in alphanumeric.

For apple users:

Open the system preferences from the apple menuAnd then click system preferences.

A window will open up with the settings.

Click network under the internet and wireless section.

Click WI-Fi in a left side and click advanced in bottom right corner of the window.

In that window, you will see sections as Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, DNS, and goes on and ends with hardware.

When you click hardware in that window you will see the Mac address of your network card.


IMEI is a short form of International Mobile Equipment identifier.

Where you can see the unique address of your mobile phone.

Just type “*#06#” in your mobile keypad and itself shows some numbers.

If your mobile supports dual SIM card then it will show two IMEI number.

By these two addresses, you can easily find your stolen laptop and mobile.

For computer:

Now I have separated the topic into two categories as

Without internet

with internet

Without the internet:

I think most of the people uses the internet if you didn’t then bad luck.

Although I will give some tips.

If your computer is first hand, then you can see your manual guide check to the serial or product number of your computer in your warranty card.

With that, you can easily call your laptop manufacturer customer care and asks for your device MAC address by explaining your situation.

With the internet:

Above said things will help you for those who lost the laptop without using the internet.

75% of people don’t note down those addresses, even computer geeks too.

If you have used the laptop with internet and you don’t know the MAC address, don’t worry.

Call your internet service provider and ask for your MAC address.

No don’t directly ask your MAC address, they will doubt you as the thief and trying to steal someone’s

personal information.

Tell about your situation and requests for MAC address of your laptop.

Then they will ask you for confirmation by mentioning the proof name and address,  you were provided at the registration.

Thereafter you will get the MAC address.

For mobile:

In the case of mobile, IMEI is enough to find a phone.

Do the above steps to find MAC address of your phone by providing the IMEI and model name of your Smartphone from the company manufacturer.

If the manufacturer didn’t give the MAC address. No worries call your mobile service customer care and ask for IMEI.

Not the current IMEI.

if you ask for current IMEI they will give the one which the phone you are speaking.

Request them to get the earlier IMEI. You may ask, How do they give that which is lost one? Let me explain you

Every time you when you change the SIM card or put the SIM card in your mobile phone,

Your Smartphone will send a message to SIM provider company with your IMEI,MAC address and UID of your smart phone.

In this case, your phone is stolen and the thief must be removed your SIM card and using any of his SIM cards after he got the mobile.

If you want to know how your mobile phone sends the IMEI and MAC address to mobile service provider read an article Here.

If your laptop and mobile are second hand and you haven’t noted down those address then you can’t do anything. I am sorry for that.

Okay, I got those address now what do I do with that?
Get those addresses to nearest local law enforcement, especially to cyber security division.

Tell them and make a complaint on it.

They will easily track the lost mobile or laptop with that address and they will return you.

Author: Jegadeesh Vontlin

I am a polymath, and an Instrumentation Technologist

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