Open your favorite websites while opening your browser

In today’s article am explaining about opening your favorite websites when you start your browser. Yes! You don’t have to type the websites name each time you are willing to visit. It’s not a bookmark thing, it’s not a saved one. This idea came from when I experimenting with my old website “Infophobia” to launch the website without typing. Later I forgot that thing and yesterday when I was experimenting with Chrome browser to launch A bloggersite without typing, I got another method for opening the website.In this article, I will explain these two methods to open your favorite websites. Let me start with methods I experimented.


Method 1:

Right,click in empty space on your computer.
Where, you can see the list of options with an option called “new”.
Place your pointer on new and you will get another set of options.
In that options click on shortcut which is the top second one in the list.
Click on it and you will be asked to type the location name you are willing to go.
Type a website name and then click next.
And in the next step give a name for your icon.
You have done it.
There will be a new icon on your desktop with the name you have given.
Click on it and you will directly visit the website you typed.

Method 2:

Right click on your browser and then click properties on it.
There will be three tabs saying “general”, “shortcut” and “compatibility”.
Click shortcut on it and you will see a label called target with a text box
And text box content ending with words like chrome.exe ”.
After to the double quotation mark type the websites name you are willing to visit.
Note: Don’t type more websites name as it will slow down your computer.
Maximum of three or four is allowed to type in that box.
Refer the above image for experimenting method 2.
If you have any doubts about doing this thing, feel free to comment below.

Author: Jegadeesh Vontlin

I am a polymath, and an Instrumentation Technologist

5 thoughts on “Open your favorite websites while opening your browser”

  1. This is a very common practice everyone is doing. I think one can easily set up the favorite tabs in Google chrome browser. Thank you for sharing this helpful guide.

  2. I am currently using Tumblr as my default platform.
    I want kinda
    something similar to what you have. Congrats, I think I need to invest
    into an effective website.

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