Google announces earning program for developers and business peoples

how to earn from google
Google an internet giant started with the search engine now having lot of products to
explore for school kids, college geeks, and business peoples. Google also offers us to market through Google ad words and Google ad sense. Everyday Google products are reaching the sky. After recent joining of google’s  new CEO i.e. sundar pichai , Google is getting revamped. Alright I am here today to discuss about the Google short-term earning program which is solely for business people and developers, but there are some restrictions and advantages too. Restrictions are not main problem now,
with the help of earning you also involving on new things if you are newbie. Alright now let me you tell the 2 programs offered by google. This offer available in India and specific countries, if you are outside of India, check the google FAQs link below.
how to earn from google
google earning an opportunity

Google app referral program:

Google cloud platform:

#1 Google app refer program:

Google apps offer lot of features for your business to develop with affordable price. But this time Google announced a referral earning program with 7.5 dollar per active user, although they have some restrictions.When you sign up to Google app referral program they will mail you a unique referral link.With that link you can suggest your friends to join.

Once they have joined and become active user you will get 7.5 dollar per user.
You can also refer unlimited number of referrals.
My referral link is
And there is also a coupon code from my side which gives you 20% offer per user for the first year and the code expires on june 30th 2016, if you sign up with this I will get some dollars.

Don’t mind to sign up with my referrals and my coupon code is is the FAQ’s for google app referral program

#2 Google cloud platform:

This program is solely for developers, even though if you are willing to become a developer you can join Google cloud platform.
Alright I don’t know what is Google cloud platform mean?
Well it’s a cloud platform which allows you to create, test and deploy website or make an app and so on.
The main feature is you will create it with the products what Google internally using for their development. Nice isn’t it.
In this program Google gives you 300 dollar to spend on google cloud platform for next 60 days.

Here is the link for Google cloud platform.And also the FAQ’s for google cloud platform

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