Top 5 Digital Trends in 2018

In the last few years, we have seen lot of Digital trends & transformations.

All the digital trends helped us to improve our digital life with data driven results.

In 2018, the digital transformations are taking upto entirely new thing which we are about to explore in upcoming years.

I have prepared a list of trends that are making impact in digital world.

Digital Trends
Woman exploring top digital trends

Digital Trends 2018:

1) IoT/IoE:

Internet of Everything is connected in all the way now.

Here is the official description of IoT in wikipedia,

The Internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enables these objects to connect and exchange data.

What IoE does here?

Nowadays we are living in data driven world, where the massive amount of data is getting ready to propogate the next digital era.

Its purely based on IoE i.e. internet of everything.

When it goes live, everything will be happening with in fraction of seconds like what we see in advacned Sci-Fi movies.

How it will be? Be patient, I am going to tell you now.

Its 5th Gen Communication thing.

2) 5G:

Yes, when we live in data based digital era, communication will be in top notch.

Communications will be happening like never before at the speed of 1GB per second as AT&T i.e. verizon communication research report says.

When 5G comes into market for people use, communications will be happening in a rapid speed that lead us to

  1. Time saving
  2. High Productivity
  3. Reduce of money

A lot more thing can happen when 5G communication and IoE merges.

 3) Augmented Reality:

When the communication and IoT takes over the world,

Engineers and scientists are researching to make the AR very naturual.

Even nowadays Augmented reality based websites are launched to excite the customers.

AR is already in marketing automation.

Soon we can expect , AR in all the field where it required to be.

 4) Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality is the next world , where youngsters about to live.

I don’t know when NASA going to make us to live in MARS.

But I am sure that we are about to live in Virtual world.

Even some companies started to create virtual reality world to live there with their own set of tools & technologies.

Virtual reality really gives you an idea of what the product is going to be without physically accessing it like online shopping malls, live conferences and much more we are yet to imagine.

 5) Artificial Intelligence:

How can I miss this topic,

Artificial intelligence is really spreading into lot of branches.

When it first exploded into market, Machine learning and Natural Language processing were the main thing to everyone.

But now the limit has expanded into Deep learning where the machines are getting ready to learn more about us with the data.

Daniel Newman contributor & CEO of Broadsuite Media Group explains in his article about digital trends for 2018


I see the near future that robots will make us to live in the corner of the world

eventually The world is sphere 😉

Author: Jegadeesh Vontlin

I am a polymath, and an Instrumentation Technologist

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