Things to Pre check before buying Smart phone?

things to look before buying smartphone

Smart Phone:

Are you about to buy a smart phone? You need to check, analyze and inspect before buying it.

But why?  “buying a smart phone without checking is like”.

does the previous statement is worth to hear, no it’s absolutely not.

I know you all do check your smart phone before buying it.

But there are some technical specifications which make your phone awesome.

Most people buying a smartphone, without realizing their phone hardware and software specification or knowing only the specification alone or buying alone with their small time use of UI(user interaction).

Even some geeks and engineers may choose their mobile according to their wishes.

But some of them also lose at that point.

Today I will tell you some important technical specification which could be useful for you.

There are some technical terms included, don’t panic on it. I will explain them individually. Let’s scroll down.

User interaction:

If you particularly decided a phone to buy or if you are in a dilemma for choosing.

well, first search for your desired phone among your friends and try to use it.

And see Does it have a good interaction to you?

Is that easy to customize?

As every smart phone has different User interactivity and each brand has its own mobile operating

So the interaction definitely differs, what I am willing to convey you is, it needs to be simple and easy for you.

A good interaction takes some requirements to use. It should have some effects like

“Sliding the screen with different effects and
customizing (optional) that for more options
Entering and exiting style of an app should look cool
Locking your phone from on the display button or waving your
hand in front of the phone or double
 tapping on the display.
Your mobile phone needs to be unlocking from the features
I said above too.”

Without these effects your phone doesn’t look good, really it doesn’t.

Here comes the trouble, some new brand mobile offer those features and pricing it low, that’s where the people falling and buying it, but the thing is you don’t have to.

If you are saying that “I can buy it for low pricing because it has features too” then you are making a mistake in hardware end.

Those mobiles have good features and low pricing but when it comes to user interaction, it surely dies.

No words to explain, confirm for a slow and painful process.

I am not insisting you to purchase a costly smartphone.

Whatever might be the mobile cost, hardware technical specification is most important. Let me explain you to choose a mobile with good hardware configurations. Let’s become a geek for few minutes.


Alright, if all the User action is good, Customizing is good, Effect is good.

Then it is the time to take care of your mobile hardware.

Your phone should have a high-end processing chips if you are willing to give too much work to your mobile.

Most of the people give too much load i.e. open more apps and forget to close.

If it is then choose the mobile which has high technical specifications like hexa core, octa-core, high Ghz, high RAM, high ROM, high Memory and larger display if you wish.

Now let me explain these technical terms below.

Octa core:

Octa core means 8 cores i.e. mobile with 8 processing chips to increase phone performance and gives a smooth multi tasking.

These 8 processing chips is heart of the smart phone.

Recently the octa core based phones are started launching by many companies even with a high battery.

You also heard about quad core on some mobiles which has only 4 processing chips.

Most of the mobile phone companies still launching quad core for e.g. Moto G3 which has high RAM and 4 core (Quad Core) processor.

It works smooth and gives good multi tasking because of high RAM.

But it has only 4 cores, so it is not worth comparing to octa core mobiles.

Hexa core means 6 cores. Micromax once launched the smart phone with  hexa core (6) processor. But hexa core is outdated now.

Giga hertz(Ghz):

This is the most important one if you are buying a smart phone.

If you see at some technical specifications of a phone in some particular website you might have see that 1.7 Ghz or 1.8 Ghz.

What it means is?

It defines the speed of processor working with unit Giga Hertz.

To simple say as an example for non-geeks “a vehicle going/returning at speed of 500 mile/hr”.

can u imagine the speed of vehicle, that’s how the processor speed works in terms of 1.7 Ghz for each processor chips.

If you don’t believe see the below image for reference from my phone which is octa core mobile only two processing chips are running denoted as “CPU0” & “CPU1”.

As normal two processor chips are running currently. The values of each chip vary all the times depending of the work load you give to your phone.

smart phone important technical specification


This section includes of RAM, ROM and internal storage of the phone.

Those things are important to execute your phone by storing and executing data whenever needed. So be patient as it involves some technical things.

High RAM:

Nowadays mobile phones RAM coming with the speed of 3GB and 4GB.

It defines the speed of your phone.

No, don’t mix it up with Processor speed Ghz, that differs.

Processor is heart of the phone and RAM is like food for your mobile phone.

What is use of RAM in mobile phone?

It executes your mobile apps without any struggles by periodically updating the memory needed by the apps.

High ROM:

When it comes to ROM it only read the data of your phone, But ROM also has its own limits.

So it also has to be high.

Nowadays ROM comes with 16 GB and 32GB.

If ROM has high GB of memory then it could read the data smoothly and provide better results on your screen by combining their values with RAM, internal storage and processor speed.

Because for a high performance smart phone these thing should be in a high level.

Internal storage:

Internal storage in mobile phone comes in much variety like 8GB, 16GB and 32 GB even nowadays about to release.

It plays an important role than your mobile hardware, User interaction, yes! I am not doped.

You may asking me that from the beginning of the article itself you suggested me to concentrate on UI and hardware of Smartphone, now suddenly why you are suggesting me for good internal storage.

Alright I heard you?

The reason is because smart phone operating systems like android, I-os, BBM and whatever, it takes memory from your internal storage only. Let me explain you with some example.

You bought a smart phone which has internal storage of 8gb with good RAM and consider it has octa core processor.

I have mentioned octa core, so application running will be smooth.

But if your mobile internal storage remaining space is too low like 1 gb with assuming of including OS memory which is 5GB and your apps data for 1GB (Totally 8GB ) , your phone will surely starts hanging.

If it has good external memory to expand then it is ok.

If it is not then it will become too hard for you to use the mobile.

“Some of you may thinking that I can install app on external storage.

If you do so battery power will start dropping faster than ever, if it has too much load.

How does the battery drowns fast,is that possible?

yes! It is possible whenever you open an app it will start running by accessing your external storage and run through with it.

So my suggestion is, if you want to buy a good smart phone you should take a look at the mobile UI, should be easy to place in your palm (Handy), hardware specification and most important internal storage should be 16GB or greater than 16GB.

Author: Jegadeesh Vontlin

I am a polymath, and an Instrumentation Technologist

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