How Does the Mobile Phone Works

how does the mobile phone works
Everyone use mobile phone for their several purposes to communicate with their friends, relatives and so on. But some person thinks or wonder that how does the mobile phone works. It comes under the basis of mobile communication technology which uses a base station (Mobile Tower) to transfer the signal from your mobile to the mobile you calling in another end. While you using your mobile it receives a highest signal (Radio Frequency) RF radiation if you are far away from the mobile tower and on the go and if you go closer to the mobile tower if receives less RF radiation. Whenever you make a call from a mobile phone it tries to gain a lowest and perfect RF radiation to give you clear voice transformation from both the ends, Sounds nice isn’t it. Now I tell you the terms involved in the mobile working process for you those who are not familiar with it.

Mobile Phone:

When you turn on your mobile phone it shows a signal or sometimes shows “service out of range”. There are lot of process happens behind these things. First we see it one by one. When you insert a new Subscriber Information Module(S.I.M). card on your mobile, base station (Mobile Tower) checks for the 5 digit unique system identification code and send it to the control channel of your mobile carrier operator and then the control channel compares the system identification code(S.I.D) with your mobile which is programmed in it, if it matches you gain the signal for your mobile phone, if the code doesn’t match your mobile indicates that “service out of range”. Since you inserting SIM card first time in your mobile it also sent a registration request to you mobile carrier operator control office.

Base Station (Mobile tower):

This is the first thing  you mobile sends the signal to the nearest base station(Mobile Tower) from you mobile. When it reaches the tower it searches for the number you called along with the support of Mobile telephone switching office(M.T.S.O) and transfer the call to the particular base station(Mobile Tower) and then the mobile phone starts ringing.



Well the cluster means that a group of small things. In mobile and telephone communication a cluster is also a two or more base station (Mobile Tower) in an area or for particular area(Kms) allocated by a service provider, which is mostly useful for when you are roaming or travelling from an area to an similar cluster looks like in the image below.

how does the mobile phone works

Mobile telephone switching office:

Mobile telephone switching office is the main part of the mobile phone communication, because it also done various process to communicate with other mobile from you powering on your mobile phone.
The various process of mobile telephone switching offices are connecting the calls between two mobiles, finding the user location , updating the location and keeps the record of them. Even though the registration details of every mobile user is stored here only. When you are roaming you come across lot of base station (Mobile Tower), your mobile automatically switches over to your nearest base station(Mobile Tower) to get the perfect frequency to receive on you mobile phone, this process is also called as handover. It is also done by the Mobile Telephone Switching Office. Whenever you switches from one base station to another base station you location is updated along with your subscriber information module(S.I.M) ID in the MTSO database so this is how you can see the area name on your mobile phone.

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