How smartphone damages your health?

Smartphone damages

Smartphones are used by us everyday.

Yes! it is true and smartphone doesn’t use us.

We also know that smartphone gives us a lot of productivity that makes our works easy to complete.

But as a downside smartphone damages your cognitive capacity.

You are aware that smartphone damages our brain with radiation although we are using it without considering that.

That’s not the point to note here.

In the smartphone era, the process of damaging our health is evolving at phenomenal speed.

It is possibly noticeable among with generations like generation Y and generation Z.

But with current generation Alpha we can see that everyone of us wearing specs which makes them very stylish but not for their eyes.

Have you ever thought to escape from this smartphone problems and your mind keep saying this

How can I get connected with people without social media?

What If I am outdated with technology?

Don’t worry you are not going to live stone age, you will be updated always.

You are living in 2018, where the world is making highly technological advancements.

Let’s dive in to get started

Smartphone damages:

SAR (Specific Absorption Rate):

Specific Absorption Rate is the radiation your phone creates for communicating with other devices and that is received by your head and body.

There are some number limits for all the phone generally.

All the phones are manufactured with the generic SAR value.

If it fails to produce with it, smartphone doesn’t come into market.

But the problem is

SAR values won’t be less in all the phones – it depends, but it is close to the final value of actual SAR.

For U.S, India –¬† the limit is 1.6Watts/Per Kg of your body weight .

For Europe – the limit is 2.0Watts/Per Kg of your body

Alright, now how to check the value in your phone.

Dial *#07#

Alternatively , you can search on phone for regulatory information in settings->about phone.


What you are doing with your smartphone?

That matters all the time.

When your smartphone beeps, your works stops and everything goes off.

So what you can do with that?

You can easily turn that off and access only when you need it and not at time it beeps.

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If You need to track your time on which apps consumes your most of the time.

Do it on your own, don’t think of using the tracking activity apps.

Or if you are lazy like me to see your activity consumption, you can use memory option in android settings.

Visit memory used by apps and sort the time for 3 hours, 6 hours, or for one day.

You will see which apps takes more consumption on memory which is similar to the apps you use.


Love your apps?

Learn to hate it.

If you don’t hate it, it will love you even more.

I am meaning to hate the apps which kills your productivity and eats your time.

You know what I am talking about.

Yes! the social media apps.

Work with apps which increase your productivity.

Who knows even Whats-app may becomes your productivity app if you use it well.


First find out what your defects with your smartphone.

The defects mean not physical defects on your phone.

Try to find out which part of the smartphone making you to continuously concentrating on it.

Is that because of

  • Design & Interactions
  • Notification on lock screens and top bar
  • Apps & Launchers
  • Media Apps

If you find out, you can deal with defects on your smartphone.


Reality doesn’t mean Augmented reality , Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality.

But it’s reality, when you are using smartphone for long time you will get into realm of smartphone and forget your day to day plans.

And these technologies are coming up with VR, AR & MR to really gets into reality.

It doesn’t mean to stop using those technologies, you should keep your eye on it to what matters and what not!


Is smartphone controlling you


You controlling smartphone.

I guess you choose the latter, but it is actually former is happening.

Try controlling your smartphone and make it as your habit.

Once you do it, you will see the impacts and easily escape from your smartphone.

Again to remember!


If I missed anything to jot down, comment and let others know on.

Author: Jegadeesh Vontlin

I am a polymath, and an Instrumentation Technologist

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