How to speed up your android phone?

Speed up and clean your android phone

When it comes to speed up and clean your android phone it becomes a tedious process.

Because you are not aware of what the output will be and how to do it.

And here is the real time data of android users searches from 2017 – now.

This post is not about suggesting a master cleaner app to do the work for you.

Because I think the cleaner apps may consume your phone power and slow down the phone performance.

did you notice above? Yes! I said your phone power which plays a major role in phone performance.

And how it does, How to save power, why it consumes more power.

Remember its not only about the files you stuff in your internal and external storage. its also about the apps and it side effects.

So Let’s get started

Speed up, clean your android phone:

1)Know your apps:

Do you know how many apps are installed on your phone?

No one does, because there is no point to remember it.

But it is must to know what those apps are doing in background silently.

Whenever you install an app from play-store or unreliable sources it will start work in background and start consumes your battery well.

Above image explains memory consumed by apps.

So what you can do to stop those?

To turn off the background notifications for all the app.

Instead, you can turn it off for particular app alone by visiting
settings -> apps -> App name (You want to turn it off).

In the below article I explained to save your time from smartphone use.

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2) The Big picture of internal storage:

The big picture of internal storage is

Have you ever noticed that when you buy your phone your phone will be in god mode and works like charm and do tasks for you within seconds.

Slowly your phone becomes lazy and do not listen to your speech.

And that’s because you have installed number of apps and that leads to more files, large number of sizes and heavy RAM usage which consumes more power and gives your slow performance.

To escape from all of the above,
You need to clear your cache, simple that’s it.

Just visit settings and search for storage & USB and scroll down
until you see clear cache.

Once you see it, tap into it without fear your data will not be lost.

Once you done, you will see huge differences of MB in your internal storage, doing this regularly will speed up your android phone.

Also In addition to that you need to free up some space for your internal storage, don’t think that I have 4 GB free out of 16 GB.
For  64 GB, Free up to 8GB. Incase of  128 Gb , Free upto 16GB.

3) The story of external storage:

When it comes to external storage, it also acts as part of your RAM in rare cases.

How ? Let me explain it.

When you setup your phone for the first time,Android OS asks you to setup SD card as internal storage which is the main reason to speed your phone performance.

Because Google already knows your phone will give slow performance in a time due to heavy apps usage and its not the problem made default by google.

It consistently trying to improve your phone performance in each version of android OS.

So what I am trying to say with these information.

Give some space to your external storage similar to internal storage and your phone will thank you.

Talk with your phone and treat it as human unlike machine.

Also Harish Jonnalagadda from suggest some techniques will improve your android phone performance

Improving your Android phone:

4) Say Hello to your battery:

Have you ever had a conversation with your battery?

Did you ask your battery how it is doing?

I am sure some of done because most people are not aware of it.

There are some ways to speak your battery and you can give life in long term.

You remember Speed up your phone depends on power in your phone.
This is what I was talking about.

What is in power?

There are some patterns to charge your phone and unlike 0 – 100% method.

In the below article I explained how to charge your smartphone so that your battery won’t get detriment in long term.

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5) Brag with your Phone processor & its speed

Yes! I always do that!

When you buy a phone you must note your phone processor speed which will be in GHz.

Because speed depends on the processor number.

When you buy,it is good to have a speed from 2.0 GHz to 2.3GHz.

Nowadays buying a 2.0GHz phone will give you much speed to handle your multitasking.

In addition to that, you phone Processor is the things to be considered.

Don’t buy a quad core mobile if you looking better performance.

Buy the Deca-core processor phones which has 10 processor
2 for performance, 4 for power balance, and 4 for power efficiency.

Where True Octa core processor phones also good to buy.

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