The Lenovo k3 note features and the secret stuffs: part 3

Lenovo k3 note tips and tricks
Yes this is the 3rd part of the post the Lenovo k3 note and the secret stuffs. If you havent read the first two parts, here is the link for part 1 and part 2. In earlier posts I have explained about the secret features of Lenovo k3 note. When I was operating my phone today I saw some cool features to use, so I thought to make a share with you. Today I am going to tell you about customization of your Lenovo k3 note which is going to be easy to handle your mobile. Although these are small features to share but its worth too. The names of the features are
Easy Swipe
Global Search
Gesture Draw
Remote Management
Okay let me dive in to the features directly.
 Lenovo k3 note tips and tricks

Easy swipe:

No its not an app. My friend who is an automobile engineer suggested this name actually. Its an easy way to use if you have 3 more screens on your phone.
Yes if you have full of icons from your first screen to last screen and you feel lazy to swipe the screen to launch the app. Instead of swiping from one to one, you can swipe in one click and hold.


Let me explain the steps to do it.
In your screen you can see the four dots, above the four default icon in the bottom of the screen.
Just place your finger and hold on it and you can see that, there will be a change of dots from dash
And you can just start to slide by from left to right or right to left.
By that you can go to the screen easily without sliding it by one by one.
In center of the screen you can see the number of the screen you are in.

Global search:

Global search is to search your file on one step. If you forgot the location of file, you can use this.

Yes, you may have lots of folder in your SD card or internal storage.
You might have forgotten the exact location of the file. In this case you do the following steps and find your file.
Go to File Manager
Slide your finger on display from left to right
There you can see the option Global Search
Click on it and search the file with the name . You will see the global search options listing the files you needed with name.

Gesture Draw:

Gesture Draw is the small feature to say or use. But it is quite useful to have in our phone.

 If you are having only two or more or 4 in a row icon in any of your screen and you are willing to change the position of it to top or bottom without ordering one by one, yes you easily do that by these simple steps.
These steps are quite easy to do. Below the steps are
Slide on your display to change to the home screen where it has two or three row of icons
Just slide your finger from top to bottom or bottom to top depends on the location of the icon in the screen.
If you do that, icons just draw to bottom if the icons are on the top and you draw it to bottom
Similarly if the icons are in bottom you can slide it to top by sliding your finger to top side of the phone.

Note: To do this you must use two fingers to slide on the screen. If you use slide your finger from top it will slide the notification menu from the top
If you do it from the bottom it will show you the home screen settings

Remote management:

Alright! You all connect your phone to PC for uploading or download the file.

If suppose, you are only needed to upload the file from phone to pc alone then you can use the remote management, yes! It is possible and that too wireless.
For that you need internet Wi-Fi connection.
With the option remote management under the file browser by swiping left to right side you can see the option.
Just click on it and you will see your Wi-Fi name and connect button. Click on connect.
After that it will show a ip address some number if you are using windows OS.
Just type that ip address in your browser as it showing like If you miss any part from ftp  to the 4 digit port number i.e. 5496 the page will reload and it will not show the files.

Note: the above ip address is just for reference.
After the correct typing of ip in the address bar, browser will show you the internal and external storage.
From there you can browse the files of your phone and easily download it to your PC.
You can only download and can’t upload.
If I have missed anything and any doubts you have feel free to comment.

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