Short review on Lenovo k4 note

lenovo k4 note review
Lenovo launched its new phone Lenovo k4note (an upgraded version of Lenovo k3 note) in start of 2016. Many of you know that, buying the Lenovo phone is worth the money. Because it has good RAM, ROM, Processors, multimedia facilities, notably saying Good User interactivity inbuilt features as smart things and those things available at affordable price. In this article I am about to explain the hardware, software and UI which has a slight change from Lenovo k3 note. Addition to that I have also discussed
about the new features added such as NFC and Fingerprint which is quite useful for sharing your files and securing your phone. If you are novice on buying or upgrading a Smartphone, before reading this
article I suggest you to read Technical things you need to know in Smartphone so that you can buy a good Smartphone at affordable price.
lenovo k4 note review



Comparing to the previous version of  Lenovo k3 note, Lenovo k4 note has 3GB RAM which is very useful for increasing the speed of phone.
Yes now a days multitasking became a very common one in Smartphone.
Due to this they launched with 3GB of RAM where 1.5 GB is solely available for your use.
Lenovo k4 note comes with Indian version VIBE UI where it has only 1.5 GB of RAM.
An extra ROM is available if you use Chinese VIBE UI.


Battery is also an important criterion when buying a Smartphone.
In Lenovo k4 note it has 3300 Mah battery which is quite useful for a day even with data and Wi-Fi
But you should take care of background running apps.
Otherwise the phone charge may go abnormal.
Because of the some power hungry apps the battery may get detriment.
Controlling the apps in your Smartphone takes may take quite tedious process.
If your Smartphone facing any problem in charging your Smartphone then you are suggested to read charge your Smartphone in a good way.


Storage is also the important aspect if you are entertainment lover.
Lenovo k4 note comes with 16GB of inbuilt storage and 128GB of dedicated slot.
You can seize the day the way you want with Smartphone.
With the huge GB of 128 much music, videos and movies can be played.
In Amazon website official video says ,it supports upto maximum of 144 GB.
Even it also supports OTG. You can control your removable media through the phone.



Near field communication is easy one to share your files with your friends.
Hold phone which have NFC one on one.
Easily files get shared and transferred.


Fingerprint technology allows you to unlock your phone by placing your finger at the sensor.
It is placed at the backside of the phone, below to camera.
You can configure it by visiting setting.
You can add upto two finger , it can be any finger from your ten finger.


Theater Max  technology:

This theater max technology provides the better experience of watching movies, videos as cinematic experience.
They provided with a GEAR VR(virtual reality) glass.
Attach your phone in that, and start feeling a cinematic experience.

Dolby Atmos:

As you know, all the version of Lenovo Smartphone has the Dolby Atmos which gives you good sound effect on listening to music and playing videos.

User Interactivity:

In Lenovo k4 note notification bar tab, you can drag and drop your icons.
It is framed as columns, so you can priories your most important icons.
You can also change the number of columns to 3, 4 and 5.
The three columns are divided by two sections, Where the above first section of icons are displayed on the notification bar tab.
In addition to that it also has one click restart and power off icons so you don’t have to long press
the power keys.
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