How to charge your smartphone in a good way

Smartphone charging tips

Charge your smartphone in a good way!

Many of you may think that is there any ways to do it or am I doing in a bad way.

How to charge your Smartphone?

Yes! There are some rules to do it.

You can’t put your mobile just like that to charging.

Those who randomly charge your phone they don’t have to worry about their mobile or Smartphone.

Unfortunately, everyone charges for a certain percentage that might be 100% or below to that.

In this article, I am about to teach the way of charging your smartphone.

It is not hard although, following this precaution can keep your battery from being a detriment.

Before that, I will tell you the symptoms of a detrimental battery.


Is your Smartphone charging very lately or very early instead of usual timings of your Smartphone?

Even some Smartphone charges jump to backward i.e. from higher percentage to lower percentage while charging?

Those who facing the above problems, this article is especially for you. Let’s start gathering the rules.


Smartphone adapter:

what ???

What is the problem with adapter, even nowadays every charger port and pin comes in common shape?

So why don’t I use that, it doesn’t mean that you can put other company Smartphone charger into your Mobile, this is where you mobile start to get detriment.

What can I do then? All you have to do is

All you have to do is “use the charger adapter that comes with your smartphone”.

If you don’t have one, go to any authorized center of your Smartphone and ask charger adapter by mentioning your Smartphone model name and number.

Or if your phone is outdated, and you having any problem with company provided charger adapter, take a look at the charger adapter which provided by Smartphone company and look for this line on any sides of the charger which says ” input: 100  240V – 50/60Hz 0.5A or 0.1A or 0.3 A “.

In your adapter, there may be anyone of the A which means amperes with anyone numeric values have written.

Note: Not exactly the above-said values, it changes from every Smartphone.

Below to that, there is also a line called output: 5.0V —- 1.5A, don’t care about it.

You have to care about input only.

Let me explain you if your charger adapter has 0.3A input, your phone supports that only.

If you use other Smartphone charger which is particularly designed for that Smartphone, it somehow start charging initially with damages. (You will realize damages lately)

And day by day it will start shows the above symptoms I listed.

Use only the adapter which is provided by your Smartphone Company.


Random charging:

This is what I am saying to all of my friends because they do charge the Smartphone for a particular percentage.

Let me tell you an example, Think what will happen if a person working from the morning to night without rest and goes to sleep for a particular time at night.

He/she may be completed his day works but if it continues they will get some side effects surely not suddenly but later, so he/she need to take nap at the available time.

The same logic applies here too.

Give some rest to your charger by not continuously charging your Smartphone.

If it has a low percentage like 15% or 20% don’t charge your mobile up to 100%, it surely damages the battery.

Charge up to 70%  that is more enough from 15%  or below to that.

If your Smartphone has charge of 65% or greater than 65%, then you can charge up to 100%.

Keep remembering that it’s just a storage box for making your Smartphone works.

Feed your charge slowly.


Power off charging:

Charging your phone by powering off can charge your phone quickly but when you start to use it will reduce the charge drastically.

It also damages the battery, don’t repeat this thing. You will see the symptoms.


Stop gaming:

Some of Smartphone users play games at low battery.

Not only gaming, using the heavy app at the time of low charge can cause your battery to severe damage.

So stop using your phone at low battery.


Power saver mode:

Alright, this is the one. some always try to charge phone very quickly.

If you charge your phone in power saver mode, it will quickly charge due to the power saver mode restricts the most of the background data.

And when you unplug your Smartphone from charger ,  your battery will fall drastically according your consumption.

So don’t charge your phone in power saver mode.


Power fluctuation:

This also might be the one of the reason for your adapter damaging.

Yes! The power receive in your home might be unsteady.

So the adapter indirectly gets damage.check for any power fluctuation,if you have any hesitation.


Check your adapter:

Check your adapter by replacing another adapter of your Smartphone from your friends or neighbors if they have.

Due to the power fluctuation adapter may get to damage.

So before buying a new adapter, make sure that whether the problem is in with your adapter or with power fluctuations.

If it is with adapter buy the new one else call your electrician, because not only your charger adapter all the electronic devices in your home might be in damaging.

Stay tuned for my next post.

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Author: Jegadeesh Vontlin

I am a polymath, and an Instrumentation Technologist

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