The lenovo k3 note and secret stuffs: part 2

The post is the continuation of post Lenovo k3 note and the secret stuffs part 1 , if you missed it click the red link to read that article. Already I wrote the first part where I explained some secret stuffs of Lenovo K3 note smart phone. But when I was randomly operating my phone today, i came to know that i missed to mention some of the features of Lenovo k3 note and I thought it to make as second part instead of updating the earlier post. So the features today I am about to tell you is not comparable to first part, but it is essential to use those features in your Lenovo k3 note smart phone. The features I told you in first part were customizing your phone according to your wishes. In today’s post I will tell you about customizing your preferences on Ringtones and Volumes, Notification center, SIM (Subscriber Information Module) management on LTE (4G) and Permission control. Lets dive in to the features directly.
Secret features of lenovo K3 note
Lenovo K3 note part 2

Ringtones and volumes:

In ringtone volume,features are available for calling and messages which is


What is the interruption, why do I need it?
Interruption allows you to control your calls, messages and events/reminders. In interruptions you can set the schedule and disable the notifications preference for your events/ reminders, call and messages. To say more specifically you can set your preferences to who want to interrupt you,
with the three options follows

Always interrupt:

Always interrupt will interrupt you when call, messages and event occurs.

Priority interruption:

Priority interruption allows you to choose how long you need to be interrupted, when you click on allow only priority interruptions it will show you time as

“For 8 hrs”
“For 4 hrs”
And so on.

Don’t interrupt:

As the name suggests that, it wont interrupt you.
But here comes the advantage of interruption. It allows you to choose the downtime i.e.

Day and Time:

where you can specify your day and time for interruption.

Locate this preference:

You can find this preference in settings and head onto ringtones and volumes, under the personal label, where you can see the interruption.

Notification center:

In notification center you can set your preferences to customize the apps notifications like when they want to display the notification or even disabling the notification for specific app at all. When you enter into the app notification management it will list the apps you installed in your phone. Click on the particular app which you would like to disable the notification or to set the location of notification in your smart phone with these options:

Enable notification:

It allows you to enable or disable the notification for app you selected.

Lock screen notification:

In lock screen notification option, you can set your preferences to enable or disable i.e. to show or not to show the notification for app you selected whilst your phone is in locked mode.

Top reminder notification:

In top reminder notification option you can set your preferences to enable or disable the notification, which shows in the top of the phone.

Status bar:

In status bar, you can set your preferences to enable or disable the status bar notification.


Priority also includes here (just like call, messages and events/reminders) to interrupt the notification of particular app, when it is set to priority interruption only.

Locate this preference:

You can find this preference in settings and head onto notification center, under the personal label.

SIM (Subscriber Information Module) management on LTE (4G):

In subscriber information module, you can swap your LTE 4G to your second SIM and vice versa, if your SIM is 4G supported. I know, you are saying that Lenovo k3 note has 4G on only one SIM. Yeah! I agree, but it is swappable.

Note: you cannot use 4G on both the SIM at a time.

Both of your SIM must support 4G to do this play.

Locate this preference:

You can find these preferences in settings and Click on the SIM management under basic label.
After clicking SIM management you will see two SIM card schematic images with number 1 and 2 with ticked as active (if you have inserted two SIM cards).
Below to that image it will show you LTE 4G (if you have inserted 4G SIM) and another SIM has GPRS 2G or else both GPRS 2G.
When you would like to the swap the 4G to the SIM you want to use 4G, you can do it by just un checking the activate option which has LTE 4G initially and it will automatically transfer the 4G to the SIM you want to use 4G
(Note: The SIM you about to transfer must support 4G ). And active that earlier SIM i.e. is the initially has the LTE 4G, so it will be available for GRPS 2G and mainly for your call activities.
If you finished using 4G on the transferred SIM, you can revoke it by un check the active option on transferred SIM and it will automatically transfer the 4G to the previous SIM, after the process is completed, don’t forget to check the latter SIM to activate as it will be available for GPRS 2G and for your call activities.

Permission control:


Do you know? Your app controlling you anonymously (that’s what they say the power of smart phone) or not anonymously by making call, using camera, turn on WLAN, send Email, send MMS, send SMS and so on. You can change it to always allow, ask for your confirmation and deny it. old Nokia user may aware of this

Locate this preference:

You can find these preferences in settings and Click on the permission control under system label.
After clicking on it you will permission and apps.
You can click on apps and it will list apps you have installed.
Choose your favorite app like whatsapp and you will see the options as use camera, turn on WLAN and so on. By clicking the on those options you can set it to allow or ask for your confirmation or deny.
But when you open whatsapp by doing the above thing, it will prompt you to confirmation for the option you have set to ask for confirmation.
if you selected deny option, some of the features don’t work.
so make sure and don’t get confused with it.

Pocket dial prevention mode:

When you put your mobile into your pocket it might automatically attend the call or it may be somewhere in the menu or an app might be opened. Screen display is sliding with your pockets, that’s the reason for this.
To get rid of these you can activate the pocket dial prevention mode , so when your screen slid with your pocket a screen will show up saying as pocket dial prevention mode preventing unnecessary screen touch.

Locate this preference:


You can find these preferences in settings and click on lock screen under personal label and enable the option pocket dial prevention mode under the common label

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