The Lenovo k3 note and the secret stuffs

lenovo k3 note features

Hey Lenovo peoples, you have Lenovo k3 note, me too! I am about to tell you the some secret stuffs in Lenovo k3 note. So many of you might know the secret stuffs. But this article is particularly concentrated on who dont know much about the worthy features of Lenovo K3 note.

When this smart phone launched in market, it was like AWESOME, everyone was rushing to buy it. Even I bought this mobile in 1st sale itself. But after I bought this mobile, everyone staring and saying me that good smart phone with 5.5 inch! But it receives lot of radiation which is against to SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) limits.

So what I did is I found some manual methods to keep the radiation away from me whenever I dont need it. Also I found some other stuffs which is not familiar with some peoples, because they are just using it as a normal smart phones. I will tell you what the worthy features are.

lenovo k3 note features

Lenovo K3  Note



In this option, you can configure the display. But when you enter in the display menu it will show you as option display color balance. When you enter in that option it will show you three modes to setup display option

1. Default mode:
This a factory default mode for optimal color it will show a minimum optimal color of brightness    even if you low the brightness.(not too low).

2. Comfort mode:
The name itself says that it is comfort. If you are using your phone over long periods this is what you  might be searching for. When you choose this option it will change the display into light yellow.  You need to take a look at display to find the difference.

3. Custom:
This mode is custom, You can customize on your own. When you enter, it shows up with two options

              a. Tone:
                  In this option you can combine the above two modes. I.e. default mode and comfort                              mode.
              b. Saturation:
                  According to the changes you have mode in tone, you can customize your brightness to                       low or high as pastel or bright.

Secure zone management:

Yeah! this is my favorite.

After visiting settings you can see secure zone management under the system label.

Just click on it and checkout start at boot and  the floating button options.

To use secure zone, swipe down the notification bar where you will see a menu as open zone I.e. current zone.

When you click on it will change to secure zone.

This menu helps you in the situation whenever your phone is asked by some strangers or the persons you are not willing to interact.

Okay! Let me explain behind the scenario.

First of all Secure zone doesn’t show the files what you kept in a open zone, nice isn’t it.

You can check it and even there will be no gallery option until we import that.

To import any icons from open zone to secure zone, you can do that on secure zone settings.

After visiting secure zone settings you will see a label called import applications from a open zone, just import and check it.

One more important thing, you can also secure your phone with the normal lock to unlock the device whenever you switch to secure zone.

But a hard thing is once you forgot the password of a secure zone and you are in there is no way out, You have to make a hard reset.

Before that, make sure you try for  clearing data and clearing the cache of the secure zone app in open zone under all apps settings. This might help sometimes.

Power manager shows its power:

This power manager shows its power.

Yes! It has some lot of options like battery saver, background app management, Screen and GPU power saver and most important ultimate power saver.

To use this option just click power manager under the system label in settings. Well, I will explain you those individually.

1. Battery saver:
Battery saver saves your battery by reducing your background data.

Although it reduces the devices performance and restrict all the apps which take syncing process in an internet.

It is very well to use whenever your phone running on low battery or your phone in idle.

2. Background app management:
In background app management you can close the app which is running in the background (even after you close the app).

If you click the option it will list you all apps which are installed on your device. you can choose all, if you do so it will not run if they are not active in the background and the screens off.

Pretty cool to save some RAM in your phone.

3. Screen and GPU power saver:
In this option there are two types of vision engine is used.

a. Power saving vision engine:
In this power saving vision, it reduces your screen power consumption 5-20% using                            some intelligent technology.

b. Power saving graphics engine:
In this power saving graphics vision, it reduces your graphics performances of your                             phone by 10-25% I.e. it optimizes and reduces GPU chip power consumption.

4. Ultimate power saver:
Yeah! this is what I am talking about!
An Awesome feature in Lenovo k3 note, Just swipe down the notification bar and you will see a super power option.
Click on it and it will change to super power mode. After that you will be able to access only call, messages, contacts, clock.
The thing is it withstands for 3 days if you use your device only for call activity alone.

Wide touch:

The feature which inherits from I phone is wide touch. Again swipe down the notification bar and you will see a menu as wide touch, make a  long click on it and you will get two options1. Floating button display settings:
In this settings you can customize your button transparency and button size.2. Floating button custom gesture settings:
In this settings you will get three optionsa. Double click floating button:
In this settings you can customize your settings to choose what is has to react when you                        double click the floating button.

b. Long press floating button:
Like the above one, you can choose what it has to react when you long click on                                    floating button.

c. Click float button:
Just like above two, But you have to customize for your single click on it.

Smart Thing in Lenovo K3 note:

Smart things are always smart. Lenovo gives that smart things control to you. It has lot of smart options like

1. Smart scene:
In this option , you can change your phone scene prefering your day to day works.

If you are working in an office, you can change your device preferences to office scene. If you are a college student, change your device preferences to the college scene.

Even if you are in a home it will change it to home scene. All you have to do is you have to configure according to your works .

It allows you to avail the scene task on each scene you configure.

Scene tasks like airplane mode, profile, brightness, night eye protection, data connection and you can add your own scene task option.

To find this smart scene in your device go to settings and click feature under the personal label.

2. Smart switch:
It will automatically change your phone to ultimate power saver mode, which I explained it Power manager shows its power section.

Click on the smart switch and give your time i.e. it will ask for start time and end time for smart switching.

To find this smart switch in your device go to settings and click power manager under system label.

After clicking power manager you will see the option as the smart switch under Ultimate power saver.

3. Smart answer:
This feature available on all lollipop based phones. But I am not sure about it.

Actually what it does is whenever your phone starts ringing It will automatically reduce the sound of your phone ringtone, the moment your palm start holding the phone.

Instead of the above feature, it has another feature as the smart switch (no, not the power one).

This one is for calling feature.

This smart feature helps you to automatically change to earpiece mode when your device is raised to your ear only if you are talking in speaker mode.

To find this smart answer go to settings in your device click call settings under basic settings label. Scroll down it, you will see those options.

4. Smart brightness:
As you all might know, this smart brightness “automatically adjusts your brightness” if you are in home or outside of the home.
To find this, go to settings and click on display under the personal label.


The most important features are listed

1. Double tap to light:
Alright! your device is now locked, you have to press the unlock button to unlock the phone. Sorry! I don’t agree with it, We are Lenovo users.

Just double tap the screen your phone will light up.

To find this setting, go to settings and click on feature under the personal label. There you will this option.

2. Quick snap:
In this setting, you can snap a picture without unlocking your device. Yes! that’s what the feature is.

Just double click on volume button that’s if after the moment picture snapped it will show you whether it has made a perfect snap or not.

To find this setting, go to settings and click on feature under the personal label. There you will this option.

Wait, did you remember about radiation of phone?

Well As I said in beginning you can keep your radiation of your phone away from you (whenever you want) because this smartphone radiation limits are so close to SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) limits.

During night times while sleeping put your mobile to airplane mode this will cut the radiations received by your mobile.

Because your device might be near to your head. That is dangerous for your brain. If you are lazy to do so, use smart scene for it or else Schedule automatically power on and off.

To make a schedule for mobile power on and of, go to settings and click schedule power on and off under basic settings.

After clicking this option you will see an on and off time for power on and power off.
I have mentioned the things I know in Lenovo k3 note. Did I miss anything? Comment below, your comments are energetic to me for improving my article and it will be helpful to others.

Author: Jegadeesh Vontlin

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