Things to do before reset your Smartphone

In today’s article I am about to explain the “things to do before reset your smartphone”.  Most
of you may know about these things, if you aren’t aware of these things then this article is solely for you. I have listed some of the things that will be useful and the things you forget to do, if you are in a rush for resetting your awesome Smartphone. Yes! It might happen. At the time of reset process you remember the things which you were about to back up and it is badly formatting so you couldn’t do anything in it. I have even listed some of the things which are especially notable to who know what to do before resetting your Smartphone. I have categorized the things so it will be easy for you to which one you are missing. But my suggestion is to read it fully to get thorough of it and you might share it with your friends if they are in the middle of the desert.

Backup your files


First, you have to back up the things like contacts, messages and call logs.
Your contacts are the most important one to get communicate with your friends.
Saving the contacts to Google drive or drop box is the best one.
At sometimes you may even forget to back up the message logs which may have some important messages to back up. Remember on it.
After that the call logs which is an essential one for showing who have called you at the day, time and all.
That’s it.
No! If you have enabled the call record option then so many voices are recorded in and saved in the internal storage of your phone. Backup that too.
Above said are the most important one to back up don’t forget to do save on them.


This is the most important for everyone, even your daily things don’t matter.
Backup social apps like hike, whatsapp, facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, viber and linkedin.
Not saving these things with an app. it is appreciable, though.
If you want it without any loss then go to the particular app and click backup and save it to your accounts like gmail or Dropbox.
If you think that those social files are most important.

Other general apps:

In this, you have to check whether which one is you need to back up for further proceeding.
If you lost these apps without synchronization to your OS provider server, then there will be the detriment to you.
These general apps might be anything like upon education, gaming, securing your phone or any other you work related apps.
You should backup them for future use.
I have mentioned an android app here which is very good to back up your files.
Note: if you have saved all your files by doing a backup and don’t always rely on Google drive or any other websites, which is good t,hough.
Keep considering it to save it on your SD card and remove the SD card before you start the reset process.


Author: Jegadeesh Vontlin

I am a polymath, and an Instrumentation Technologist

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