Top 5 online games for smartphones

top 5 games for smartphones
Now a days everyone gaming on smartphone, even in low tech smartphones. But when it comes with high tech smartphones it goes really interesting. Yes! High tech smartphones are now having higher concentration with people because of the multi tasking function which is good enough for high graphic what’s this article about? I am sure you became to know by that topic itself, It’s about smartphone gaming which I have used. Lets directly dive into the games.

Top 5 online games

#1 Despicable Me:

The name itself makes you to smile. Yes this game has lot of users because of minions. In this game, one can play as a minion and of course it is a addictive game. As like what we seen in movie, one can run as minion in Gru’slab for making jelly. Also with that you also run on beach. the more stages you complete by downloading the stage that much you can complete the game. Collecting bananas and completing
stages for unlocking the new appearances for minions.

#2 Criminal Case:

 Yes! This is the game from Facebook I started to play. Those who are critical minded they can easily play this game. At each stage you are ordered from your higher officer to find the crime scene in a detailed scenario. Yes! On each crime scene you play, you have to findthe evidence of the crime. Once you start play the game, am sure that it will be so addictive.

#3 Asphalt nitro:

Are you a car lover? This game is especially for you to play. All you have to do is win a race and unlock the areas. You can buy your favorite cars, there are lot of cars like alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, Mercedes and lot. Once you start playing the game it will get too tough to complete the stages. You have to upgrade your car and tune the parts as you like.


If you are desktop online game lover you can visit the following websites


Mansion site is powered by Mansion Group that owns several sites like,               and Slotsheaven. This website is solely for casino lovers. It allows you to earn amount while you play, win a game and by referring a friend.

2)Addicting games:

In this website, one can play games that is great to play for kids and adults. The name itself says that once you start to play , the games will be addictive. click here to visit website.


In this website, one can play for games like arcade, action and so on. click here to visit the website.

#4 Spiderman ultimate power:

This game has also good control to run the Spiderman,You can defeat green goblin, venom and
sand man as three stages. You can upgrade your suit to perform more attacks. The career mode makes you to run with green goblin, venom and sand man at different stages.

#5 Borderline:

This game is so simple but hard to play.The game concept is to tap the signal like shape between the line.
The main obstacle is to avoid block whenever it comes.


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