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After a long gap I am posting on mobile category, you might have seen the post name in many websites with apps they used and they suggest for your preferences to choose the app. The same I did here. But what unique here is, I have listed the apps which will be useful for your career, entertainment and for your on the go mobile customizing. Yes when it comes to  android apps you really use it to reduce your work, make your tasks easier to do and save your time. So the apps I listed might be aware to some of you. But if you arent aware of these apps, then this article is especially for you. Share it with your friends. As well, the website vision is to make the people lore. Alright, let me start explaining the 9 apps directly.
9 android apps

The 9 andriod apps

Google camera:

Whats in Google camera, I have used many apps on camera with awesome filters. I heard you.

Google camera allows you to capture a photo by focusing only on the object you are trying to capture. You might be murmuring that’s what every camera does. I know!
Let me explain you. Google camera has an option called Lens Blur which allows you to capture a
photo by solely focusing on the object you are trying to capture and remaining areas are made blur after the image capture.
Especially it will really good when you are trying to capturing an image with closer look.
It also has another option called spherical camera which allows you to capture 360 degree photo view.
Yes it does, you have to snap it by every angle it shows or you have to buy spherical camera and have to capture with it.

Google Keep:

Google keep is an essential one for student, writers and reporters because it allows you to write notes, record audio, scribble by hand and snap an image as an inbuilt option.

You can also set a reminder for your notes.
You can also set a background color for notes you save according to note priority.
If the note you writing has  #1 priority, you can set the background with red. Nice isn’t it.

360 security:

Yes I love this app. When it comes to security and cleaning your mobile, I suggest you this.

360 security comes with three options.
Clean: which cleans your mobile with temporary data, like log files, installed files, unwanted chat
records, uninstalled log files and much more.
It also gives comparison of same photos which you can delete to save the space on your phone.
Alright cleaning is done.
When it comes to security , this also allows you to lock the particular app you looking for privacy.
Even it might be the gallery or its whats you can lock it.
The advantage is 360 security also available with lite version.


You got a doubt on something and you got no answer on the question you have. Okay no problem post it in quora, you will definitely get an answer I assure you.
Quora is a social network which is particularly based on posting questions.
No matter what your category is , it might be in engineering, arts, science, advanced science, health.
You will get an answer by someone.
There is a also a menu called answer , by clicking on it you can answer for other too.

WPS office:

WPS kingsoft office is another good one app for your document editing and making.

It comes with making word documents, excel documents and presentation.
Also with that you can make memo in WPS kingsoft office.
Alright you may think that it cannot be feel or look like editing in computer.
You can work the way you do in computer.
Yes, you can edit the font size , change the font, put an image, choosing heading for paragraph ,
encrypting the document, inserting table , inserting header and footer , inserting hyperlink , inserting text box of a new blank page, inserting evernote ,inserting page break and shape, spell check and comment area.
When it comes to presentation and spreadsheet they have limited options, which are basic useful tools for editing.

Musix match:

This app is solely for music lover. Music lover also loves the lyrics they hear. So what is especially in musix match.
It comes with folder wise search for your music in the player.
The essential feature of musix match is that it shows the lyrics for the song it plays.
Yes it is one time download thing, once if you done it, you can see lyrics on home screen as popup or in the music player.
They also call it as Floating lyrics.

App backup restore:

If you mistakenly deleted your favorite app or are u tired of downloading the same app from Google play, a solution for this problem app back up and restore.
Just download the app and install it once.
You can back up all the apps in your mobile.
The good thing is you can also backup the app backup itself and restore the any app any time you want. Nice isn’t it.
Are you installing new app and you have made changes or logged data with that one, it back up with data itself.
Stay out of downloading same thing.


Are you photo lover, then this app is for you.
It has all kind of photography collections like cinema, nature, technology, celebrities, photography
and much more.


Alright, if you want to see how many processors are running in your smart phone when you are working with heavy app.
Do you want to see the battery status, phone temperature, processor CPU, processor manufacturer name.
And your Smartphone android version, screen density, total RAM available, RAM usage and lot of feature about your phone.
You can see it all in this app.

This app is small, but it is useful for having it in your Smartphone.Link for CPU – Z

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