How to use your windows computer

How to use windows computer

In our everyday’s life using windows, computer is becoming part of our day-to-day thing.

if any problem arises on computer performance techies can handle the problem by googling with their known technical parameters.

Others hire some computer technician to handle the problem and it will be the loss of money, even for small errors. So this article is about how to take care of your windows computer.

Note: These things are solely on the computer performance and how you use your computer. Let me explain in detail about the issue.

These are things you will be seeing in this article

  1. Installing of windows software
  2. Use of software
  3. Too many icons on system tray
  4. Too many files on desktop


1) Installing of windows software

Are you aware of what software you are using in your computer?

I know you will be aware of, then what’s the reason behind of your computer lag and errors.

Well, the reason is when you install software.

you will be installing some unwanted software which comes as an extra package.

Most of the computer lags and errors arise due to fast click(NEXT) while installing the software.

It’s totally avoidable.

You should be patiently clicking next on the rests (Not on Terms and conditions page).

While you do it, you can see some check boxes saying “install this software for your more security” with something phrases like that, which is so obsolete.

Because these are the things will slow down your computer.


2) use of software

I am not really meaning here to slowly use of the software.

You can control how much of memory it needs for your workflow.

You may be working in numbers of software, but taking memory priority is matters.

You can control of software memory priority In task manager

In windows earlier version of 8:

       a) Open task manager by right clicking on taskbar

       b) Go to process tab, right-click the application you want to control

       c) And you can see the priority option hover on it and click real-time, normal , above normal, below to control the software usage depend on your needs.

In windows, 8 Click the details tab after opening task manager from the taskbar and do the following steps.

3)Too many icons on system tray

While installing some software you may have noticed the check boxes saying “Add to system tray”.

This option is good if you for some essential software.

If you are checking out this option for all the software your computer system tray will be flooded with lot of icons and it will delay your computer startup time.

Click on the drop down arrow in your task bar and click customize it to de activate It for faster computer booting response.


4)Too many files on desktop

Having too many files on your desktop, also the one of a reason for slow computer performance and slower boot time.

Categorize all the things in one or two folder and delete the shortcut of unwanted icons which you won’t use much.

All of the folders and files  you keep in desktop , downloads are space taken from C: partition.

So take care of your desktop things and it will take care of you .



Author: Jegadeesh Vontlin

I am a polymath, and an Instrumentation Technologist

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