How to make your computer secure

Secure your computer

Is your computer secure? A big question.

Nobody can say that I am using a most secured system.

A small vulnerability in your computer can make a way for remote control access of your computer to a hacker.

Updating to the latest version in software can make your computer secure.

In every version they release, vulnerabilities are removed as much.

Secure your computer

now let me explain about some definitions for your information:-


the vulnerability might be in your software you use.
It can reduce the system security.
If a hacker gets access to your computer it can be done only by your software vulnerabilities.
with a Norton antivirus, you can see that the how many vulnerabilities software you using.

Virus: (Vital Information Research under Siege):

A virus can control your whole computer, and slow down or reboot your computer unnecessarily and steal your  data.

Most of the viruses are creating in command prompt and saved in as Batch file.

After the making of the batch file, it is converted to EXE files.

Ensure you are installing an “exe” files and not the malware one.



Malware is software programmed by hackers to get the full access to your computer,to interrupt your computer operation and gather sensitive information of yours.

whether a malware software is connected to your computer(via IP) ,automatically it starts doing it own commands.

For e.g. Moving your mouse pointer in opposite direction,

Moving your mouse pointer in opposite direction,

Slow down your computer ,

unable to open the browser or browser suddenly closed.

Update security:


Browser security:

Always use the updated version of the browsers and do update always.

It maintains your security and removes the bugs from your computer.That’s why browser companies always release the new versions to update.


OS security:

Update your windows,mac or ubuntu operating system always. OS companies always require their users to update computer for security purposes and speed up your computer.

Make sure that your computer firewall is turned on.

OS companies always insist their users update computer for security purposes and speed up your computer.

Event viewer(windows):

Press start button and type “event viewer” (Without quotes) hit enter, on the left side pane you can see the windows custom logs (expand it) you can see the security tab under it.

by clicking on the security tab you can see the records of your computer by the names “audit success” and “audit failure”.

well, I will tell you what is it mean by.

Event viewer show about every login,log off ,turn off and who came inside to your computer via your IP.

Red warning symbol in event viewer shows that cracker attacked your system.

Audit success and Audit failure shows about your local information.

To protect this, buy a good antivirus and update  it regularly.i will recommend you some good firewalls which I know.


Firewall is the essential one in a computer.

If your computer firewall is turned off,  your computer might get hacked.

To protect your computer you must turn on your firewall.

A great antivirus or firewall can protect your computer from the attacks.


Important firewalls:

Norton Antivirus:

Norton antivirus is the great antivirus with firewall support.

It protects your computer from attacks with safe search in browser.

Norton shows you the hack tools on your computer that you are unaware of.

Zone alarm:

Zone alarm is a great one in the firewall with maximum protection capability.

It protects you from the phishing and malware possibilities and anytime you can maximize or minimize your security for your preference and many more opinion is Zone alarm, choose your favorite one.

Password security:

Here comes the trouble, the password is the main thing for all the security risks you face.

If you are using strong password (not only in email id) like computer login,BIOS password and where you need to secure your things).

For making a stronger password check out my article

Creating a secure Password

My advice:

Don’t click on a link that has short URL

Makes sure that if you are willing to visit  and not the site like ““, never click on it.

Not only this website, what I mentioned above.

This is called as a spam link.

Do a quick google search and start browsing

Spam link can get your account details like email id,passwords, and other sensitive information to crackers in a matter of seconds.

Do a quick safe with Norton search or make sure it is a proper website to visit.

My best recommend to make your computer secure is “BUY ORIGINAL , BE SAFE and UPDATE IT REGULARLY”.

Author: Jegadeesh Vontlin

I am a polymath, and an Instrumentation Technologist

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