Troubleshoot Boot time errors in your computer?

how to troubleshoot my computer
First of all I would like to say Happy new year for all of my readers, and this is the first post for this year. So lets solve your problems.Your computer normally boot and allow you to work with computer. But sometimes it wont, it show an errors like blue screen error, hard disk error, or even when you turn on the computer it gives only beep sound (Continuously) and nothing happens. If you are tired of this kind of errors, you can rid off them easily by fixing it on your own. These are the small errors which is from the in or out of CPU i.e. it might be need a little hardware tweak or power is not supplied correctly or wires are not plugged in to your CPU port correctly. Today I am about to tell you how to resolve those kind of errors.
how to troubleshoot my computer

Boot time errors

Before stepping into that let me list all the errors, so you can easily find yours

RAM based errors

Hard disk based errors

SMPS issues

CPU over temperature errors

Chassis intruder system halted

Monitor errors

So these are the most common errors which occur when you start the computer and prevent to make normal boot up. I have explained cause and solution of all the listed above.

RAM based errors:


In this RAM based errors, three kind of problem arises,

Continuous beep sound:

Cause: If your computer making continuous beep sound your RAM is totally weak. So it is producing continuous sound.

      Solution: Changing the RAM might get rid off this error.

Blue screen error or screen of death (Memory over dump) :

Cause: This error arises when your computer memory is over dumped. So don’t do more multi tasking with your computer if it has low RAM. Another cause for this error is power fluctuations in your home. That is not driving good source of power to your computer.

The power fluctuation is the serious problem. if you are not aware, try to resolve it As much as possible, else it may damage your computer internal hardware.
     Solution: check and correct power source of your computer or deploy any technician or electrician to get rid off this error.

System not booted:

Cause:  this error arises when you are RAM is totally failure or absence of RAM in your computer.

     Solution: Inserting a new RAM get rid off this error.

Hard disk based errors:

Hard disk based errors has two kind of problems,

Boot disk failure:

      Cause: this error arises when your computer power or data connection of hard disk plugged incorrectly from SMPS to hard disk.

      Solution: reconnecting the two connections to hard disk may solve this error.

Bad OS image or NTLDR, bootmgr is missing

 Cause:  this error arises if your computer os files are corrupted or some boot loader file is missing.

      Solution: reinstalling your OS may get rid off this error.
Note: I have made a separate post on how to recover this error. By clicking below you can read the steps of recovering your OS.

SMPS issues:

In this SMPS issues, only one kind of problem arise,

Over dump errors:

      Cause:  over temperature error is due to the surrounding of your CPU or computer might be hot. if not so then your computer receiving over power.
      Solution: reducing the temperature of CPU or your computer surrounding and correcting the power which is receiving from UPS or from your home AC board may get rid off this error.

CPU over temperature error:

Two kind of error occur in this, due to

POST-Power On Self Test:

       Cause:  this power on self test check whether the internal components of your hardware working fine or not. If it is not working properly it shows the error.

       Solution: keep up the good CPU power and temperature

Keyboard Not found:

      Cause:  this error arises, if the keyboard USB port is not working or keyboard port on CPU is not working properly.
      Solution: if you are using USB keyboard try inserting your keyboard into another USB port  else change the keyboard. Trying with old model keyboard is waste of time.

Chassis intruder system halted:

Because of three possibilities, this error may occur,

Cabinet door check:

      Cause:  this error arises, when your CPU cabinet door is not closed properly.

      Solution: make sure your CPU cabinet door is closed properly.

Power connection check:

     Cause: this error arises, if the power connection is loosely connected to CPU.

     Solution: make sure your connection to CPU is properly connected.

Chip failure:

     Cause: this error arises, CPU chip initialization is bad and this to rely on power of CPU.
     Solution:  checking the power of CPU may get solve this problem.

Monitor Grains:

possibilities for grain is due to two possible situations,

Onboard Graphics is too low:

      Cause: this error arises, if the on board graphics of your computer is too low.

      Solution: Installing a separate graphics card that suits for your mother board configuration.

Data cord connection:

      Cause: this error arises, if the data cord of the monitor from the CPU is not connected properly.
      Solution: wipe and clean the dust inside your cord connecting end on and reconnect it properly.

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