How to Play YouTube Videos with Screen Off

YouTube, we are all aware of this name.

There are hardly any who haven’t visited the YouTube to enjoy their desired videos.

There are millions of videos available on YouTube which can help or can entertain you easily.

The vast ocean of videos on this platform makes this system one of the best-used video platforms.

Over the time this platform has grown extensively with all kinds of videos and as we all know YouTube has given birth too many starts.

Many use this platform to earn and promote their products.

From Movies, funny videos, music videos even you can watch tv series online without registration right here.

YouTube itself comes loaded with different useful features where you can select your desired video quality and can even save them.

But there are some problems with YouTube like, you can’t play YouTube videos with your screen off.

So here in this article, we will share out how you can play YouTube videos with your screen off.

The process is very easy and many are using this method.

Now below we will list out the step by step process which will help you to play YouTube with off screen.

Now let’s have a look and find out the ways.

Steps to Play YouTube videos with off screen

Listed below are the easy steps to play your desired YouTube video with your screen off.

For Android:

Screen off play youtube video
Firefox Android

To do that first you have to copy the URL of your desired video from YouTube.

Once you have done this now you have to open the Firefox browser from your Android running device.

Now on your Mozilla browser app, you have to paste the link and switch it to the desktop mode.

Now as you have done this process play your desired video and off the backlight you will notice the video is still on and it is playing smoothly.

For iOS:

Now let’s check out how the IOS users will do it.

For them, the process is almost same.

You need to go to YouTube and then copy the URL of your desired video.

Once you have copied the URL, paste it in the safari browser.

The video is been played in the safari go back to your home screen and you will see the video stopped.

Now to start the video again you have to swipe so that the control center comes and then there will be the play option click on that to start the audio.

Now here if you off the backlight the audio will be still on.

The most advantage of this process is here you do not have to go for any kind of download of software.

Just follow these simple steps and you are done with the process.

The above steps include both the IOS and Android process which is very effective and works well.

But unfortunately, this process can’t play any kinds of saved videos.

For rooted device:

Rooted Android Device
Rooted android device

If you have rooted smartphone device with the Xposed frame work installer, then the process of playing videos in the background or with backlight off becomes easy.

With the help of the Xposed module, things get very easy for the YouTube lovers as they can now easily play YouTube videos in the background.

The system is so advanced that if any update is given from YouTube the Xposed will find out a way to tackle the update and provide you with a background play of the YouTube.

The most advantage of this video is you can even play saved videos with the backlight off.

But to use this system you have to root your device and this system is only meant for the android users.

So these were some of the steps which will help you to play your desired video on YouTube even if you shift it to backlight off.

There are many who have used this system and have given positive feed backs.

The process is trusted and many have tried it.

Most importantly the process is very easy to follow so you do not have to worry.

Now it is your turn go ahead follow these easy steps and play your YouTube videos even if your system is on backlight light off.


Top 5 Best iOS Apps That iPhone User Must Have

This the guest blog post from Debdeep Biswas, Founder of ChromeTechny

So basically, most of the smartphone users love to try new apps in their Smartphone.

A lot of developers come with their innovative and useful apps.

But to be good, for the iOS user, there are 2.2 million available apps in Apps Store.

So, do you think all of them can be used? Obviously not.

Make yourself free for finding the best apps for your iPhone, as this post is totally related to your concern.

Just like Whatsapp Java is very important for feature phones to use WhatsApp Messenger, these top 5 iOS apps also much needed for your iPhone.

Smartphones are smart but these become smarter with best useful apps.

Owning an Apple device?

Then it’s time to look top 5 best iOS apps that an iPhone user must have on their device.

I will list out some of the best apps for your Apple smartphone so that, you can enjoy the most useful apps on the iOS device.

Top 5 Best iOS Apps

iPhone devices are very popular for its iOS consistency and reliability.

Its iOS operating System is also well known for mass availability of good apps.

Among these good apps, I have found some of the best iOS apps for you.

Let’s dig into the top 5 best iOS apps for your iPhone or iPad.


When it about best photo editing app then personally I would pick Snapseed.

This app is powered by Google, which is available to download for free from the App Store.

Being a free app, this app doesn’t contain any ads.

Nevertheless, it includes all the important editing option for better retouch of your images.

Lots of photo filters, color correction, text addition, selective edit, facial correction etc. These features are very useful if you are selfie lover.

As this is free to download, you must try it and I am sure you will use it for most image editing purposes.


In this heavy internet era, we use many platforms to get connected with other online users.

Generally, we need to sign in and have to remember our profile for all of these platforms.

As passwords are sensitive, we have to set a strong password.

For many random platforms and random passwords, we couldn’t remember all of the passwords.

So, here is 1Password app for you that can memorize all passwords of you.

And further, there will be no trouble of forgetting a password, as 1Password will be there to remind you.

So, if you one of the having lots of passwords for various accounts and online profile then this is a must have app for your iPhone.


Though, Google Maps and Apple Maps are already dominating in the mapping class.

But Waze also not behind impressing its users.

Some unique features of this app make it one of the top 5 best apps for the iOS device.

It shows you the best route for tripping, notifies traffic camera and police, cheapest gas station, accidental prone area and much more.

The app is free to download from App Store so, download it right now for your iPhone.


No need to ask if you are a music lover or not, as all of us love listening to music.

Enjoy millions of music with Spotify music streaming app.

This is again one of the best pick apps for iOS users.

Holding millions of soundtracks in its library Spotify is a heaven destination for true music lovers.

Make your own playlist, find your favorite artist and songs in this apps.

This highly popular music streaming app is free to download, which makes another positive sign for downloading the app.

So, get it now for iPhone or iPad and feel the world of music with this music beast app.


Using the same keyboard could be boring after a time, as mostly we spent time chatting or texting with friends.

Why not you try Swiftkey? If I’m not wrong it could be a better experience than Apple Keyboard.

This keyboard app can memorize your typing and auto suggest it further.

Swiftkey comes with many cool themes to change the way of look of your keyboard.

Besides pro like features, it is free to download for your iOS device, which you can download from Apps Store.

As said, best iOS apps make your iPhone smarter and useful.

So, download all the mentioned Top 5 Best iOS Apps That Every iPhone User Must Have.

By downloading these top apps for iOS, the experience would be more fun with it.

Let me know, if you have any favorite apps for your iOS device by commenting below in the comments section, I will be happy to know that.

WhatsApp may stop work for android, windows and iOS

Yes! it is true, WhatsApp may stop work.

And it has been officially announced by WhatsApp.

Since we using Whatsapp service for last 7 years, we received a lot of features from status to pinned chats and audio calling to video calling.

What is the need of this announcement from Facebook?

From the day we started using WhatsApp it is also providing maximum safety for protecting our smartphone data from crackers.

Due to some security reasons, WhatsApp says that we couldn’t provide updates for some devices in Android, windows, blackberry, including iOS too.

Now let’s see in detail about the reason.

WhatsApp may stop work

What’s the main reason:

When the WhatsApp launched in 2009, the mobile phone technology was different.

Most of the mobile phone had Symbian and Blackberry operating system.

But now the entire scenario is different.

Today 99.5% of mobile phones are powered by Windows, Android and Apple.

Why it may stop work:

In upcoming years WhatsApp will be announcing lot more features for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, which make the WhatsApp run without any trouble.

But the old technology mobile devices does offer the technology with some limitations.

So it is not easy for WhatsApp to provide the release for old technologies based mobiles.

WhatsApp has become essential in our life for communicating with people around us.

Facebook recommend upgrading to newer Android, Windows, iOS device before the end of 2016.

Even though the date has already passed.

Facebook extended its support up to June 30, 2017, for Blackberry OS, Blackberry 10, Nokia s40 and Nokia Symbian s60.

Which devices are out of the game:

  • Android 2.1 and 2.2
  • Nokia s40 and Nokia s60
  • Blackberry OS and blackberry 10
  • Windows 7
  • iPhone 3GS/iOS6

Judy malware infects 36.5 million android devices

This is not the next ransomware for mobile.

But Judy malware has been developed by some Korean company to generate ads click to make a gain of revenue.

How it spread into the Android devices.

Yes via the Google play store.

It is widely spread into 41 apps which are developed by the korean company.

The worst part is the virus has been in google play store for a long time.

After Checkpoint reported to Google about this issue, those apps are removed from play store.

So let’s look at how this app works and how to secure your android phone in future.

Judy Malware:

How does Judy Malware work:

Judy malware is an adware that generates clicks to gain revenue.

Once you download any of the apps from this app providing company,

They will silently take control of your smartphone.

This app act as a bridge to their server.

Once you downloaded and activated this app i.e. this app makes the connection to the server

And in return, it will send a malicious code that will make the false ad clicks.

Once the code entered into your phone it will silently open a hidden web page on your smartphone.

Then it will enter the target website to generate illegitimate clicks.

How to secure your smartphone from malware and viruses:

Even you may have a reliable antivirus in your smartphone.

Or even some of you may be thinking that how does the Linux-based Android os get infects.

Well, the reason could be installing apps from untrustable sources and things may lead you to corrupt your smartphone.

I will suggest a malware remover app which is personally I have tried to remove malware.

This app, unlike other apps which not only make a partial scan of your files or virus files and show off.

it will scan all of the installed apps and apps that you haven’t installed in your smartphone i.e. you may keeping the app as a .apk file in your file manager.

The scan may take a long process though, but its worth of time.

Well, am not promoting or affiliated with this app.

My mobile got infected once with some viruses that control my smartphone to randomly show full page ads.

Then this app malware bytes anti malware which helped me to remove the virus which was with .apk file

If you feel this article prevented you from getting infected, share this article with your friends and let them know about this too.

Feel free to comment if you have any doubts or suggestions.


Google changes its search engine algorithm

From the beginning, google consistently improving its search engine algorithm for better and accurate search results.

Now google recently announced that there will be changes in search results to reduce offensive and inaccurate results.

Whenever a user searches google, the algorithm provides maximum accurate results depend upon the query.

But according to google engineering team, there are 0.25% offensive and inaccurate search results are shown.

To reduce it, google changing its algorithm instead of simply demoting individual websites.

Along with that, google also introduces some features which are for better search.

Let’s see them in detail.

Search engine algorithm:

There will be 3 major improvements with the impact of its change.

  1. Search ranking
  2. Autocomplete feedback
  3. Featured snippets feedback

1.Search ranking:

In march 2017, Google updated its search quality guidelines to improve the search quality results.

With a team of people for feedback, google evaluated its inaccurate search results.

That also leads to

lower quality web pages,

misleading information and

unexpected offensive results.

With the effect of these changes, google will improve search results on auto complete and featured snippets too.

2. Autocomplete feedback:

when you search on google, Google autocomplete shows you the instant answers for your queries.

with the advent of auto complete feedback, now you can report the inappropriate content which is the unwanted appearance to your query.

Need a clear picture, here it is

google algorithm change
Enlarge image to see results

This new feedback is categorized with the label and you can report the inappropriate predictions.

so you can easily report.

3.Featured snippets feedback:

This one could be more useful for students and women who are in rush to search for answers.

Featured snippets provide an accurate answer by precisely choosing a source from a website for your query.

It also has a suggestion and comments box to get your report on the query.

Here is the image of featured snippets feature

google change algorithm
Enlarge image to see the results


Image source: Google

How to use your windows computer

In our everyday’s life using windows, computer is becoming part of our day-to-day thing.

if any problem arises on computer performance techies can handle the problem by googling with their known technical parameters.

Others hire some computer technician to handle the problem and it will be the loss of money, even for small errors. So this article is about how to take care of your windows computer.

Note: These things are solely on the computer performance and how you use your computer. Let me explain in detail about the issue.

These are things you will be seeing in this article

  1. Installing of windows software
  2. Use of software
  3. Too many icons on system tray
  4. Too many files on desktop


1) Installing of windows software

Are you aware of what software you are using in your computer?

I know you will be aware of, then what’s the reason behind of your computer lag and errors.

Well, the reason is when you install software.

you will be installing some unwanted software which comes as an extra package.

Most of the computer lags and errors arise due to fast click(NEXT) while installing the software.

It’s totally avoidable.

You should be patiently clicking next on the rests (Not on Terms and conditions page).

While you do it, you can see some check boxes saying “install this software for your more security” with something phrases like that, which is so obsolete.

Because these are the things will slow down your computer.


2) use of software

I am not really meaning here to slowly use of the software.

You can control how much of memory it needs for your workflow.

You may be working in numbers of software, but taking memory priority is matters.

You can control of software memory priority In task manager

In windows earlier version of 8:

       a) Open task manager by right clicking on taskbar

       b) Go to process tab, right-click the application you want to control

       c) And you can see the priority option hover on it and click real-time, normal , above normal, below to control the software usage depend on your needs.

In windows, 8 Click the details tab after opening task manager from the taskbar and do the following steps.

3)Too many icons on system tray

While installing some software you may have noticed the check boxes saying “Add to system tray”.

This option is good if you for some essential software.

If you are checking out this option for all the software your computer system tray will be flooded with lot of icons and it will delay your computer startup time.

Click on the drop down arrow in your task bar and click customize it to de activate It for faster computer booting response.


4)Too many files on desktop

Having too many files on your desktop, also the one of a reason for slow computer performance and slower boot time.

Categorize all the things in one or two folder and delete the shortcut of unwanted icons which you won’t use much.

All of the folders and files  you keep in desktop , downloads are space taken from C: partition.

So take care of your desktop things and it will take care of you .



Open your favorite websites while opening your browser

In today’s article am explaining about opening your favorite websites when you start your browser. Yes! You don’t have to type the websites name each time you are willing to visit. It’s not a bookmark thing, it’s not a saved one. This idea came from when I experimenting with my old website “Infophobia” to launch the website without typing. Later I forgot that thing and yesterday when I was experimenting with Chrome browser to launch A bloggersite without typing, I got another method for opening the website.In this article, I will explain these two methods to open your favorite websites. Let me start with methods I experimented.


Method 1:

Right,click in empty space on your computer.
Where, you can see the list of options with an option called “new”.
Place your pointer on new and you will get another set of options.
In that options click on shortcut which is the top second one in the list.
Click on it and you will be asked to type the location name you are willing to go.
Type a website name and then click next.
And in the next step give a name for your icon.
You have done it.
There will be a new icon on your desktop with the name you have given.
Click on it and you will directly visit the website you typed.

Method 2:

Right click on your browser and then click properties on it.
There will be three tabs saying “general”, “shortcut” and “compatibility”.
Click shortcut on it and you will see a label called target with a text box
And text box content ending with words like chrome.exe ”.
After to the double quotation mark type the websites name you are willing to visit.
Note: Don’t type more websites name as it will slow down your computer.
Maximum of three or four is allowed to type in that box.
Refer the above image for experimenting method 2.
If you have any doubts about doing this thing, feel free to comment below.

Easily find your stolen computer or mobile

Many of you think that stolen computer or mobile is hard to retrieve? No, it’s not.

You can retrieve your computer or mobile by my idea, but it has some conditions to work, yes it definitely works.

In this digital world, anything is possible to do on digital things.

If you have lost your mobile phone or laptop then this article can bring your happiness again.

This idea works only if you were having the internet in your home or data connection for mobile users.

If you weren’t used internet connection when you were having laptop or mobile, then I am sorry I can’t help you at this point.

Even though I will give some tips for those who weren’t having an internet connection.

Recently one of my friend laptops got stolen in midnight and he was not able to do anything on it, he lost his first favorite laptop and his lovable mobile phone too.

So let me now tell the things you need to do, before that you have to learn so you can thoroughly understand what’s happening.

The first step you have to do is you have to know your

MAC ID (for laptop and mobile)

IMEI (for mobile alone)

If the above words meaning nothing to you, don’t worry I explained the above words.

To those who know what that are you can further go to the end of an article by skipping the two paragraphs.

But I strongly recommend you that reading this will help you to understand the things clearly.

MAC: (Media Access Control):

MAC address is a special address which is imprinted on the Network card of your laptop and desktop.

In addition to that, the internet works with this MAC address by combining with the IP address of your network.

So how to find the MAC address of your laptop in windows and apple computers.

For windows users:

I just need you to press window + R key in your computer, you will see run dialog with a text box.

Type cmd in it.

If you did it correctly you will see a black screen with white text with the version of Microsoft windows you use.

If you are there, then type “getmac” Without space as “getmac”.

You will see an address something as “FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF”.

Note: “FF” is just for reference. Your computer MAC address will be in alphanumeric.

For apple users:

Open the system preferences from the apple menuAnd then click system preferences.

A window will open up with the settings.

Click network under the internet and wireless section.

Click WI-Fi in a left side and click advanced in bottom right corner of the window.

In that window, you will see sections as Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, DNS, and goes on and ends with hardware.

When you click hardware in that window you will see the Mac address of your network card.


IMEI is a short form of International Mobile Equipment identifier.

Where you can see the unique address of your mobile phone.

Just type “*#06#” in your mobile keypad and itself shows some numbers.

If your mobile supports dual SIM card then it will show two IMEI number.

By these two addresses, you can easily find your stolen laptop and mobile.

For computer:

Now I have separated the topic into two categories as

Without internet

with internet

Without the internet:

I think most of the people uses the internet if you didn’t then bad luck.

Although I will give some tips.

If your computer is first hand, then you can see your manual guide check to the serial or product number of your computer in your warranty card.

With that, you can easily call your laptop manufacturer customer care and asks for your device MAC address by explaining your situation.

With the internet:

Above said things will help you for those who lost the laptop without using the internet.

75% of people don’t note down those addresses, even computer geeks too.

If you have used the laptop with internet and you don’t know the MAC address, don’t worry.

Call your internet service provider and ask for your MAC address.

No don’t directly ask your MAC address, they will doubt you as the thief and trying to steal someone’s

personal information.

Tell about your situation and requests for MAC address of your laptop.

Then they will ask you for confirmation by mentioning the proof name and address,  you were provided at the registration.

Thereafter you will get the MAC address.

For mobile:

In the case of mobile, IMEI is enough to find a phone.

Do the above steps to find MAC address of your phone by providing the IMEI and model name of your Smartphone from the company manufacturer.

If the manufacturer didn’t give the MAC address. No worries call your mobile service customer care and ask for IMEI.

Not the current IMEI.

if you ask for current IMEI they will give the one which the phone you are speaking.

Request them to get the earlier IMEI. You may ask, How do they give that which is lost one? Let me explain you

Every time you when you change the SIM card or put the SIM card in your mobile phone,

Your Smartphone will send a message to SIM provider company with your IMEI,MAC address and UID of your smart phone.

In this case, your phone is stolen and the thief must be removed your SIM card and using any of his SIM cards after he got the mobile.

If you want to know how your mobile phone sends the IMEI and MAC address to mobile service provider read an article Here.

If your laptop and mobile are second hand and you haven’t noted down those address then you can’t do anything. I am sorry for that.

Okay, I got those address now what do I do with that?
Get those addresses to nearest local law enforcement, especially to cyber security division.

Tell them and make a complaint on it.

They will easily track the lost mobile or laptop with that address and they will return you.

Things to note for your new computer purchase

If you are planning to make a new computer purchase, the first thing which comes in your mind is Brand,

because that makes the rest of your decisions good.

In spite of branding, there are some things that geeks always expects the computer to be more advanced.

Yes! There are some things you need to take care of before buying a desktop or laptop.

In this article, I am about to explain those things.

Don’t worry if you are non-geek or Non-techie or Non-computer guy. I will explain you to know as simple as possible.

As well as it is a vision of ageeksite too!

Now I will explain the list of things below.

Remain your computer technical specification:

It purely depends on the job you do.

If you are techie then you are in need of system with good RAM and storage space for your coding.

If you are a designer then you are in need of high RAM with a high-end processor and high Graphics memory.

Whatever your profession is, if you want a good computer then you need to invest more amount that completes your work easily.

A computer with least of 8GB RAM and 1TB of the hard disk is good for everyone.

Don’t forget to check the processor speed that is the most important one if you are buying a new computer.

A processor speed defines the speed of computer even if your computer RAM is little low.

if the above terms are not familiar to you then continue read the article

Check your warranty guide:

If you are planned to assemble or to buy a whole computer, check the warranty guide first.

Each company has its own warranty restrictions.

As for precaution, if you read those lines then it will be good for you and for your computer too.

Assembling your computer is better:

Always assembling a computer is a good option, instead of buying a new one.

Because each product comes with an individual warranty, so you can reclaim it easily when it gets detriment.

Assembling the parts of the computer provides more comfortability to you, that’s what especially computer geeks do and it provides great working experience.

If you are not aware of assembling a computer then you have to hire a hardware engineer to assemble the parts.

On the other side, you don’t want to build a assembled computer, you can go for purchasing a new computer where they give only limited warranty for some years for the whole product.

Check your BIOS:

Whatever your plans on buying a computer, first check your BIOS version on the shop itself.

When you start a computer, first go to BIOS (Basic Input Output System). If you don’t know where it is,

follow the steps below

When you turn on your computer, the monitor will show the screen with their brand logo, beneath that there will be a sentence saying press F(number) or F12 to enter SETUP or BIOS i.e. function number key on top of your keyboard.

Note: key F12, I mentioned is just for your reference; function key to enter BIOS varies with different manufacturer and you can see that in your monitor within seconds by turning on your computer.

If you are entered into BIOS or if you pressed the key what your monitor shows, and then it will show a blue screen with some options. Don’t change anything in it. There will be no mouse option available.

So you have to operate with your keyboard. No mouse!

Because you are directly dealing with your hardware now, don’t get afraid.

Use tab keys to move between pages. On the bottom or right side of the screen, there will be some key references for operating the BIOS.

If you are all settled when you enter BIOS you will be on the main tab where it will show your RAM values, your system time.

And there will be also an option called additional system information. Place the bar on it and press enter.

There you will see your motherboard information, which shows the

CPU motherboard manufacturer name,

product number,

the serial number,

version number

as well as your manufacturer name,

product name and its version.

If you don’t find the word “additional system information” or any of them above then your system is the fake one.

So before buying a new computer discuss with your friends and check your friend’s computer with the steps I mentioned above and ask them where they bought the computer.

Then check and buy your brand new computer.

Check whether the installed operating system is original or fake:

Well, in computer world so many operating systems are available.

But the famous ones are Apple, Windows, and ubuntu.

In these three, you can’t get the fake operating system of apple and Ubuntu is an open source.

But windows operating systems are available free on the internet.

Now I will tell you how to detect is your windows pirated or not, it’s so simple.

Press window key and pause break key on your keyboard.

It’s located left of the Num lock key on your keyboard.

If you press the keys it will show a window where you can see the computer memory with processor speed, owner name of the computer.

Below there will be logo called genuine Microsoft windows, if the logo is present in that windows then that is an original else it is a fake.

So if you find this article helpful, share it with your friends and do comment if you have any doubts

Things to do before reset your Smartphone

In today’s article I am about to explain the “things to do before reset your smartphone”.  Most
of you may know about these things, if you aren’t aware of these things then this article is solely for you. I have listed some of the things that will be useful and the things you forget to do, if you are in a rush for resetting your awesome Smartphone. Yes! It might happen. At the time of reset process you remember the things which you were about to back up and it is badly formatting so you couldn’t do anything in it. I have even listed some of the things which are especially notable to who know what to do before resetting your Smartphone. I have categorized the things so it will be easy for you to which one you are missing. But my suggestion is to read it fully to get thorough of it and you might share it with your friends if they are in the middle of the desert.

Backup your files


First, you have to back up the things like contacts, messages and call logs.
Your contacts are the most important one to get communicate with your friends.
Saving the contacts to Google drive or drop box is the best one.
At sometimes you may even forget to back up the message logs which may have some important messages to back up. Remember on it.
After that the call logs which is an essential one for showing who have called you at the day, time and all.
That’s it.
No! If you have enabled the call record option then so many voices are recorded in and saved in the internal storage of your phone. Backup that too.
Above said are the most important one to back up don’t forget to do save on them.


This is the most important for everyone, even your daily things don’t matter.
Backup social apps like hike, whatsapp, facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, viber and linkedin.
Not saving these things with an app. it is appreciable, though.
If you want it without any loss then go to the particular app and click backup and save it to your accounts like gmail or Dropbox.
If you think that those social files are most important.

Other general apps:

In this, you have to check whether which one is you need to back up for further proceeding.
If you lost these apps without synchronization to your OS provider server, then there will be the detriment to you.
These general apps might be anything like upon education, gaming, securing your phone or any other you work related apps.
You should backup them for future use.
I have mentioned an android app here which is very good to back up your files.
Note: if you have saved all your files by doing a backup and don’t always rely on Google drive or any other websites, which is good t,hough.
Keep considering it to save it on your SD card and remove the SD card before you start the reset process.