The Lenovo k3 note and the secret stuffs

Hey Lenovo peoples, you have Lenovo k3 note, me too! I am about to tell you the some secret stuffs in Lenovo k3 note. So many of you might know the secret stuffs. But this article is particularly concentrated on who dont know much about the worthy features of Lenovo K3 note.

When this smart phone launched in market, it was like AWESOME, everyone was rushing to buy it. Even I bought this mobile in 1st sale itself. But after I bought this mobile, everyone staring and saying me that good smart phone with 5.5 inch! But it receives lot of radiation which is against to SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) limits.

So what I did is I found some manual methods to keep the radiation away from me whenever I dont need it. Also I found some other stuffs which is not familiar with some peoples, because they are just using it as a normal smart phones. I will tell you what the worthy features are.

lenovo k3 note features

Lenovo K3  Note



In this option, you can configure the display. But when you enter in the display menu it will show you as option display color balance. When you enter in that option it will show you three modes to setup display option

1. Default mode:
This a factory default mode for optimal color it will show a minimum optimal color of brightness    even if you low the brightness.(not too low).

2. Comfort mode:
The name itself says that it is comfort. If you are using your phone over long periods this is what you  might be searching for. When you choose this option it will change the display into light yellow.  You need to take a look at display to find the difference.

3. Custom:
This mode is custom, You can customize on your own. When you enter, it shows up with two options

              a. Tone:
                  In this option you can combine the above two modes. I.e. default mode and comfort                              mode.
              b. Saturation:
                  According to the changes you have mode in tone, you can customize your brightness to                       low or high as pastel or bright.

Secure zone management:

Yeah! this is my favorite.

After visiting settings you can see secure zone management under the system label.

Just click on it and checkout start at boot and  the floating button options.

To use secure zone, swipe down the notification bar where you will see a menu as open zone I.e. current zone.

When you click on it will change to secure zone.

This menu helps you in the situation whenever your phone is asked by some strangers or the persons you are not willing to interact.

Okay! Let me explain behind the scenario.

First of all Secure zone doesn’t show the files what you kept in a open zone, nice isn’t it.

You can check it and even there will be no gallery option until we import that.

To import any icons from open zone to secure zone, you can do that on secure zone settings.

After visiting secure zone settings you will see a label called import applications from a open zone, just import and check it.

One more important thing, you can also secure your phone with the normal lock to unlock the device whenever you switch to secure zone.

But a hard thing is once you forgot the password of a secure zone and you are in there is no way out, You have to make a hard reset.

Before that, make sure you try for  clearing data and clearing the cache of the secure zone app in open zone under all apps settings. This might help sometimes.

Power manager shows its power:

This power manager shows its power.

Yes! It has some lot of options like battery saver, background app management, Screen and GPU power saver and most important ultimate power saver.

To use this option just click power manager under the system label in settings. Well, I will explain you those individually.

1. Battery saver:
Battery saver saves your battery by reducing your background data.

Although it reduces the devices performance and restrict all the apps which take syncing process in an internet.

It is very well to use whenever your phone running on low battery or your phone in idle.

2. Background app management:
In background app management you can close the app which is running in the background (even after you close the app).

If you click the option it will list you all apps which are installed on your device. you can choose all, if you do so it will not run if they are not active in the background and the screens off.

Pretty cool to save some RAM in your phone.

3. Screen and GPU power saver:
In this option there are two types of vision engine is used.

a. Power saving vision engine:
In this power saving vision, it reduces your screen power consumption 5-20% using                            some intelligent technology.

b. Power saving graphics engine:
In this power saving graphics vision, it reduces your graphics performances of your                             phone by 10-25% I.e. it optimizes and reduces GPU chip power consumption.

4. Ultimate power saver:
Yeah! this is what I am talking about!
An Awesome feature in Lenovo k3 note, Just swipe down the notification bar and you will see a super power option.
Click on it and it will change to super power mode. After that you will be able to access only call, messages, contacts, clock.
The thing is it withstands for 3 days if you use your device only for call activity alone.

Wide touch:

The feature which inherits from I phone is wide touch. Again swipe down the notification bar and you will see a menu as wide touch, make a  long click on it and you will get two options1. Floating button display settings:
In this settings you can customize your button transparency and button size.2. Floating button custom gesture settings:
In this settings you will get three optionsa. Double click floating button:
In this settings you can customize your settings to choose what is has to react when you                        double click the floating button.

b. Long press floating button:
Like the above one, you can choose what it has to react when you long click on                                    floating button.

c. Click float button:
Just like above two, But you have to customize for your single click on it.

Smart Thing in Lenovo K3 note:

Smart things are always smart. Lenovo gives that smart things control to you. It has lot of smart options like

1. Smart scene:
In this option , you can change your phone scene prefering your day to day works.

If you are working in an office, you can change your device preferences to office scene. If you are a college student, change your device preferences to the college scene.

Even if you are in a home it will change it to home scene. All you have to do is you have to configure according to your works .

It allows you to avail the scene task on each scene you configure.

Scene tasks like airplane mode, profile, brightness, night eye protection, data connection and you can add your own scene task option.

To find this smart scene in your device go to settings and click feature under the personal label.

2. Smart switch:
It will automatically change your phone to ultimate power saver mode, which I explained it Power manager shows its power section.

Click on the smart switch and give your time i.e. it will ask for start time and end time for smart switching.

To find this smart switch in your device go to settings and click power manager under system label.

After clicking power manager you will see the option as the smart switch under Ultimate power saver.

3. Smart answer:
This feature available on all lollipop based phones. But I am not sure about it.

Actually what it does is whenever your phone starts ringing It will automatically reduce the sound of your phone ringtone, the moment your palm start holding the phone.

Instead of the above feature, it has another feature as the smart switch (no, not the power one).

This one is for calling feature.

This smart feature helps you to automatically change to earpiece mode when your device is raised to your ear only if you are talking in speaker mode.

To find this smart answer go to settings in your device click call settings under basic settings label. Scroll down it, you will see those options.

4. Smart brightness:
As you all might know, this smart brightness “automatically adjusts your brightness” if you are in home or outside of the home.
To find this, go to settings and click on display under the personal label.


The most important features are listed

1. Double tap to light:
Alright! your device is now locked, you have to press the unlock button to unlock the phone. Sorry! I don’t agree with it, We are Lenovo users.

Just double tap the screen your phone will light up.

To find this setting, go to settings and click on feature under the personal label. There you will this option.

2. Quick snap:
In this setting, you can snap a picture without unlocking your device. Yes! that’s what the feature is.

Just double click on volume button that’s if after the moment picture snapped it will show you whether it has made a perfect snap or not.

To find this setting, go to settings and click on feature under the personal label. There you will this option.

Wait, did you remember about radiation of phone?

Well As I said in beginning you can keep your radiation of your phone away from you (whenever you want) because this smartphone radiation limits are so close to SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) limits.

During night times while sleeping put your mobile to airplane mode this will cut the radiations received by your mobile.

Because your device might be near to your head. That is dangerous for your brain. If you are lazy to do so, use smart scene for it or else Schedule automatically power on and off.

To make a schedule for mobile power on and of, go to settings and click schedule power on and off under basic settings.

After clicking this option you will see an on and off time for power on and power off.
I have mentioned the things I know in Lenovo k3 note. Did I miss anything? Comment below, your comments are energetic to me for improving my article and it will be helpful to others.

How to buy a domain name

Hello friends,

In this article, I am going to teach you how to buy a domain name for your first website.

Probably for most of you who are reading this article might be excited to buy their new domain name. But why a domain name?

It might be to start a blog, portfolio website or any kind of website like fashion, music.

So what may be your wish, you can buy a website and start earning from it.

But there are lots of domain TLDs available to buy.

if you are confused to choose domain extension, then I prefer you to choose the most famous and common one “.com”, If you are willing to host any kind of blog or website.

If you are planning for websites like charity or an organization I prefer you to choose .org , even today most new domain TLDs are available like .name .info, .biz and so on.

So choose your right domain and then buy it.

In this article, I am about to teach you to how to buy a domain name alone.

In my next article, I  will teach you to how to buy hosting for your domain name and how to host the website and make it live in the internet world.

Okay! I heard your question.Where do I go for purchasing a domain name???

Buy a domain name:

There are so many domain name providers like, 1 and,,, and so on.

I prefer you to choose GoDaddy because they give lots of features to their customers.

So here we go, Let me start with the step by step procedure for buying a website and make it your own within few seconds.

In the example, I am using GoDaddy site. If you are buying with other service providers it may vary (no not a whole thing, only the user interface) you can easily buy it don’t worry. let’s dive!

How to buy a domain name
Godaddy website search bar

 Step 1: (Checking your domain name)

Visit and you will see a search bar saying that find your perfect domain name,yes!!! the box shown above , give your name there and choose your domain whether it is .com or .org and check whether it is available or not.

If it is available you are lucky to buy that website.

If it is not available you need to change the whole name or slight changes.

Mostly slight changes in website name are not preferred due to it affect lots of troubles in search engine listing.

So try to change it to a new name and don’t try to slightly change the website name which is already acquired.


How to buy a domain name
Website name taken


Step 2: (if You got a name lets purchase!)

Ok if you got it,  the webpage says your domain name is available.

If it is so then select the select button which shows your domain name under the green line and click on continue to cart button which is above the green line ! no more works.

See the below image for reference.

how to buy domain name
domain name available

Step 3: (Cart update)

Okay,In this page GoDaddy will ask you for extra things for your websites like securing your domain name from hackers, your billing information shouldn’t be public and hosting details and so on.

choose which one you want.

You can neglect them if you are not willing to buy those, because if you are about to put hosting in other hosting services you can leave them.

If you are applying for free hosting then you should secure your domain. If you are applying for hosting also in GoDaddy you can choose a better plan.

After selecting those things click “proceed to checkout”  under the total savings to continue.

Cart Update
Payment options

Step 4: (Creating account and buying website )

If you are a new customer to GoDaddy create an account by signing up, without creating account in godaddy you cannot buy a website.

After creating your account it will redirect you to final cart page.

Review your cart update and see the cost of the website in the sidebar which might be with offer or any discounts.

Below to that GoDdaddy will ask for your banking credentials to complete your purchase by providing you bank details like

your debit card number,

card expiration date,

and your card CVV.

Before that make sure that which type of paying method suits you. You can choose net banking or credit card or debit card.

After choosing your payment method and clicking place your order on final cart page they will redirect you to a secure page for the transaction.

After the successful transaction, it will redirect you to your account which you were created during account setup process.

And you can see your website under my products domain


Are you using strong password for your E-mail?

Creating Strong and secure password is somewhat a tricky thing. We don’t take care of creating secure password that much whilst creating account, that is too within a minute, but when the account gets hack we get worried. After analyzing on how we get hacked, we start securing our things. We don’t need to worry if password is strong. There are some procedures to create a strong password that surely works and no one can surpass it except some peculiar password stealing techniques.

how to crerate strong password

Password Choosing


Make long phrase:

Have you ever thought to create a password which has long phrase and that too not commonly speaking word? Like “amwonderingonthis”, “whatquestionisthis” and “notespeciallythis”. These are the type of words you can have as your account passwords. So you may think that, what is the use of long phrase, that too I have seen in many websites suggesting for and I dont know why? So I have decided to create normal one. Here I tell the reason, why some websites tell you to create a long phrase password. There are some hack tools and techniques which can easily get your password to hackers and get the full access of your account. Whilst they are be able to get your password as letter by letter, if it has common words or only alphabets or  only numbers or only symbols. So dont make a password with only consisting of alphabets, numbers or symbols. Even whilst making with long phrase.

Length of your password:

You should really consider on length of your passwords because short password give hackers to take gain of your password easily like within 5 or 10 minutes. An hacker may get the password of your account if he/she is with hacking tools. If it is long he might or mightnt get the password depend on the password strength you made. So keep in mind that length of password which makes more than 8 characters. Not only more than 8 characters,you can make password length from 10 to 13 letters if you can remember it.

Use alphanumeric words and symbols:

This one makes us feel lazy to type, but this is the essential one to make your password strong. Like I said above, make your password that consist alphanumeric and symbols like the above I mentioned words like “Amw0nd3r!ng0n3” , “whAtqu3st!0n!sth!s”. does it make sense to you? Analyze it patiently I have capitalized some of the letters, changed to symbols and numbers too from original word. These kind of passwords takes too much of time to get gain of your account with hacking tools. Yes! Unlike short password it has various characters like symbols, numbers, capitalized alphabets and important one it is long. So the hacker might give-up to hack your account because it will be so time-lengthy.

Dont use general words and personal details:

Are you still using general words and personal details? Then you are doing wrong, stop doing that one. Because your general words are known by your close friends and your personal details are in face book and other social networks. Even though if you use general words and personal details as alphanumeric words and symbols , there are some possibilities that your account might gets hack. Because some of your friends might be keep trying on the information that they know about you to get the access of your account.

Safe situation & conclusion:

Dont login your account if youre surrounded by strangers or you are at common places. You might think that you can safely type the password but some of the strangers might be safely watching you typing of your password. So avoid logging to your important account if you are at public Wi-Fi or logging from hotspot networks. So finally coming to the conclusion I suggest you that a strong and secure password must have above conditions. If isnt so your account is easily visible to hackers. There are more security things to prevent your account from hackers and staying safe online. For staying safe online I suggest you to read my article Make your computer Secure.

Make your comments below to lore people.

How to optimize your computer performance?

Increasing computer performance is an easy process.
you have to repeat several times for keeping the computer speed.
There are some methods to reduce the lag easily.
Have you ever thought about why the computer hangs?
 The CPU hang if it can’t manage the work given by you, even though it’s a multi-tasking machine it can process only up to certain applications, lots of processes are going behind on your every click in the window.
But that the thing is you need to optimize.
However, the following suggestions are applicable only for Microsoft windows operating system. There are 5 methods to optimize your computer performance lets discuss it.
Optimized Computer

 Clean your computer periodically:

Do you clean your computer periodically?

If you are cleaning your computer software like file cleaner or any other (I am not précising anything) you are decreasing the performance of your computer.

You can think how is that so?

The software you install itself occupies some space to run i.e. to clean the file on your computer (its normal).

some of them run on background process which eventually slow down your computer from the boot to your login screen and not for your desktop working experience.

You can check that after installing any kind of cleaners.

Your windows logo screen will take more time than normal one. What’s the way for it?

An inbuilt tool available in windows OS called Disk cleanup.

It cleans your computer memory and slowing your work process. You can find it by typing as cleanmgr.exe or Disk cleanup for windows 7 user and for windows XP users click start -> All programs -> accessories ->  system tools -> Disk cleanup.


Organize your files:

Organizing your files doesn’t mean that you need to separate a hard drives partition for software, media and docs files, even though that’s a good habit to keep like that.
It means when you copy files from a removable media  or adjacent hard drives , data are not properly organized.
It spread on your hard drive, eyes can’t see it.
To organize it, don’t search for any external software which also slow down your computer like I said above.
An inbuilt tool available which organizes your files and keep you computer optimized.
You can find it by typing as Disk defragmenter for windows 7 users and for windows XP users click start -> all programs -> accessories ->  system tools -> Disk defragmenter.
After clicking that disk defragmenter, a window will pop up Don’t directly start the defragment process.
First select and analyze the drive partition where your OS is installed which is mostly (c:) drive.
After the analyzing process windows will pop up a report saying that you “can defragment that drive” or not.
If it isnt there is no problem,if it is then go for defragment process.
There is one more thing to do in organizing files, that is run disk checkup which is also available inbuilt for all the partitions in your computer.
You should run the disk defragment process and disk check up process on the partition where you installed the Operating System.
If you take care of that partition, computer will take care of you.
Well, you can find the disk checkup process by right clicking on local disk (where your OS is installed) and click properties  on it.
It will show the properties of the partition, under the general tab next to that tab you will find the tool tab where you can see the disk checkup.
Click on it and it will pop up a process box and click on those check boxes for your good.
Even sometimes it says unable to run the disk check process.
Disk check will be run when you restart your computer, according to your convenience you can schedule it or you can do by at that time, if your computer is too slow.
What disk checkup does is that while in exceptional cases any of your copying files to computer from adjacent drives or from removable storage is unfortunately stopped, the destination files in the copying process reach the drives as bad sector files and it will not be organized even while defragmenting too.
This will mainly slow down the copying process you do that in future. so disk checkup clean those files.

Check your task manager:

Take a closer look at task manager.

If you dont know what it is? press ctrl + shift + esc it will pop up task manager where you can see the list of programs running in foreground and background process.
In task manager normally you will be under applications tab that shows the running applications.

Next move on to the processes tab where it will show the list of foreground process as well as background process which slowing down your computer eventually. You can get rid of that sloppy apps by following steps

1)Above the processes tab you will see view option.
2)Click on it and you will see select columns option
3)Click on it and you will see a pop up box with no. of check boxes.


4)Check out the CPU usage, CPU time, Memory usage, Peak Memory usage.
After checking those boxes close the task manager.
So you made it.
Whenever your computer start performing slowly go to task manager processes tab click on Memory usage and peak memory usage.
It won’t show you in order wise.
You can make in ascending order or descending order by click on it.
By making it in descending order you can check which process is eating your computer performance and you can end that by right clicking on that process name and click on end process tree (process and it dependencies).
If that process is important to you can set priority and restrict the process memory to use low memory consumption. To put the process in to lower priority do the following steps
1)Right Click on the process you want to change priority.
2)At the end of the pop up box you will see an option as “Set priority”.
3)Select “normal” on that process it will slow down the performance of that application.
Choose apps if you are currently not working on it. If you are currently working on that particular app and you set the priority to low you will lag in tasking experience or the application performs slowly.

Check for unwanted software:

Have you ever checked for unwanted software in control panel,

An unwanted software automatically installs on your computer when installing primary one.

When installing main software, it will prompt you to install unwanted software which additionally comes.

If you do so it will start running on background process which results to slow down your browser, computer tasking performance and more.

To escape from this kind of problem is, don’t check out those boxes on installing the primary software.

one way you can do to remove unwanted programs by visiting add or remove programs in control panel and remove that software which is not wholly familiar to you.


Desktop icons:

Desktop icons play a major role in slowing down your computer performance. Yes! It is.

If you have large of files or icons on your desktop, move it to convenient partition and access from there.

whatever you copy on the desktop is space occupied from your OS partition.

Keep the software on the desktop which is used most . Else your computer will behave like doped or it will start to say bang bang!!!

How Does the Mobile Phone Works

Everyone use mobile phone for their several purposes to communicate with their friends, relatives and so on. But some person thinks or wonder that how does the mobile phone works. It comes under the basis of mobile communication technology which uses a base station (Mobile Tower) to transfer the signal from your mobile to the mobile you calling in another end. While you using your mobile it receives a highest signal (Radio Frequency) RF radiation if you are far away from the mobile tower and on the go and if you go closer to the mobile tower if receives less RF radiation. Whenever you make a call from a mobile phone it tries to gain a lowest and perfect RF radiation to give you clear voice transformation from both the ends, Sounds nice isn’t it. Now I tell you the terms involved in the mobile working process for you those who are not familiar with it.

Mobile Phone:

When you turn on your mobile phone it shows a signal or sometimes shows “service out of range”. There are lot of process happens behind these things. First we see it one by one. When you insert a new Subscriber Information Module(S.I.M). card on your mobile, base station (Mobile Tower) checks for the 5 digit unique system identification code and send it to the control channel of your mobile carrier operator and then the control channel compares the system identification code(S.I.D) with your mobile which is programmed in it, if it matches you gain the signal for your mobile phone, if the code doesn’t match your mobile indicates that “service out of range”. Since you inserting SIM card first time in your mobile it also sent a registration request to you mobile carrier operator control office.

Base Station (Mobile tower):

This is the first thing  you mobile sends the signal to the nearest base station(Mobile Tower) from you mobile. When it reaches the tower it searches for the number you called along with the support of Mobile telephone switching office(M.T.S.O) and transfer the call to the particular base station(Mobile Tower) and then the mobile phone starts ringing.



Well the cluster means that a group of small things. In mobile and telephone communication a cluster is also a two or more base station (Mobile Tower) in an area or for particular area(Kms) allocated by a service provider, which is mostly useful for when you are roaming or travelling from an area to an similar cluster looks like in the image below.

how does the mobile phone works

Mobile telephone switching office:

Mobile telephone switching office is the main part of the mobile phone communication, because it also done various process to communicate with other mobile from you powering on your mobile phone.
The various process of mobile telephone switching offices are connecting the calls between two mobiles, finding the user location , updating the location and keeps the record of them. Even though the registration details of every mobile user is stored here only. When you are roaming you come across lot of base station (Mobile Tower), your mobile automatically switches over to your nearest base station(Mobile Tower) to get the perfect frequency to receive on you mobile phone, this process is also called as handover. It is also done by the Mobile Telephone Switching Office. Whenever you switches from one base station to another base station you location is updated along with your subscriber information module(S.I.M) ID in the MTSO database so this is how you can see the area name on your mobile phone.

How to make your computer secure

Is your computer secure? A big question.

Nobody can say that I am using a most secured system.

A small vulnerability in your computer can make a way for remote control access of your computer to a hacker.

Updating to the latest version in software can make your computer secure.

In every version they release, vulnerabilities are removed as much.

Secure your computer

now let me explain about some definitions for your information:-


the vulnerability might be in your software you use.
It can reduce the system security.
If a hacker gets access to your computer it can be done only by your software vulnerabilities.
with a Norton antivirus, you can see that the how many vulnerabilities software you using.

Virus: (Vital Information Research under Siege):

A virus can control your whole computer, and slow down or reboot your computer unnecessarily and steal your  data.

Most of the viruses are creating in command prompt and saved in as Batch file.

After the making of the batch file, it is converted to EXE files.

Ensure you are installing an “exe” files and not the malware one.



Malware is software programmed by hackers to get the full access to your computer,to interrupt your computer operation and gather sensitive information of yours.

whether a malware software is connected to your computer(via IP) ,automatically it starts doing it own commands.

For e.g. Moving your mouse pointer in opposite direction,

Moving your mouse pointer in opposite direction,

Slow down your computer ,

unable to open the browser or browser suddenly closed.

Update security:


Browser security:

Always use the updated version of the browsers and do update always.

It maintains your security and removes the bugs from your computer.That’s why browser companies always release the new versions to update.


OS security:

Update your windows,mac or ubuntu operating system always. OS companies always require their users to update computer for security purposes and speed up your computer.

Make sure that your computer firewall is turned on.

OS companies always insist their users update computer for security purposes and speed up your computer.

Event viewer(windows):

Press start button and type “event viewer” (Without quotes) hit enter, on the left side pane you can see the windows custom logs (expand it) you can see the security tab under it.

by clicking on the security tab you can see the records of your computer by the names “audit success” and “audit failure”.

well, I will tell you what is it mean by.

Event viewer show about every login,log off ,turn off and who came inside to your computer via your IP.

Red warning symbol in event viewer shows that cracker attacked your system.

Audit success and Audit failure shows about your local information.

To protect this, buy a good antivirus and update  it regularly.i will recommend you some good firewalls which I know.


Firewall is the essential one in a computer.

If your computer firewall is turned off,  your computer might get hacked.

To protect your computer you must turn on your firewall.

A great antivirus or firewall can protect your computer from the attacks.


Important firewalls:

Norton Antivirus:

Norton antivirus is the great antivirus with firewall support.

It protects your computer from attacks with safe search in browser.

Norton shows you the hack tools on your computer that you are unaware of.

Zone alarm:

Zone alarm is a great one in the firewall with maximum protection capability.

It protects you from the phishing and malware possibilities and anytime you can maximize or minimize your security for your preference and many more opinion is Zone alarm, choose your favorite one.

Password security:

Here comes the trouble, the password is the main thing for all the security risks you face.

If you are using strong password (not only in email id) like computer login,BIOS password and where you need to secure your things).

For making a stronger password check out my article

Creating a secure Password

My advice:

Don’t click on a link that has short URL

Makes sure that if you are willing to visit  and not the site like ““, never click on it.

Not only this website, what I mentioned above.

This is called as a spam link.

Do a quick google search and start browsing

Spam link can get your account details like email id,passwords, and other sensitive information to crackers in a matter of seconds.

Do a quick safe with Norton search or make sure it is a proper website to visit.

My best recommend to make your computer secure is “BUY ORIGINAL , BE SAFE and UPDATE IT REGULARLY”.

8 resources to learn free computer programming

In the computer world, programming is an essential one for all.

That’s why some websites provide free online programming tutorials for who those interested in programming.

These are the websites we can make it more useful for us and for our fellas too.

lots and lots of programming practice can make to get a job in an MNC company.

It is also useful for beginners and advanced users.

Below is a list of websites to learn programming tutorials free.

Learn programming


learn programming languages

1)”c” programming-

“c” programming is an important one for can learn it here starting with basics. E-books also available.Reference, source codes and much more.visit website to know more.

2)tree house –

“team treehouse”  is also a learning website based on the categories like websites, programming, business, and development.check out this site to know more.

3)w3schools –

“w3schools”  this is what I am talking about.Do u want to learn how to programme for must drench here, at w3schools you will get the full course load with try example.most useful for beginners.

4)world best learning center –

“world best learning center ” the name itself implies that what you will do when you got all programming courses in one place.Tutorials, exercises, CSS question and tips.what are you waiting for hit the link and start learning.5)code academy –

5)code academy –

“code academy” the front page of the website itself teaches how to programmes and you can also teach can learn to code on PHP, HTML, CSS, javascript, python, and ruby.

 6)academictutorials –

“academic tutorials” you can learn easily and quickly about html tutorials,xml tutorials, browser scripting, server scripting .NET and much more.

7)happycodings –

“happy codings” finally you can get examples for web based programmes like html,css, java, ajax and much more.go to the link and know more. beacause it has lots of coding examples.

8)Hosting this  –

This website has lot of resources available for website masters. Mainly I was reading about lisp programming language which is very well written in the website. I have mentioned a direct link of the lisp programming language.