How to buy a domain name

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In this article, I am going to teach you how to buy a domain name for your first website.

Probably for most of you who are reading this article might be excited to buy their new domain name. But why a domain name?

It might be to start a blog, portfolio website or any kind of website like fashion, music.

So what may be your wish, you can buy a website and start earning from it.

But there are lots of domain TLDs available to buy.

if you are confused to choose domain extension, then I prefer you to choose the most famous and common one “.com”, If you are willing to host any kind of blog or website.

If you are planning for websites like charity or an organization I prefer you to choose .org , even today most new domain TLDs are available like .name .info, .biz and so on.

So choose your right domain and then buy it.

In this article, I am about to teach you to how to buy a domain name alone.

In my next article, I  will teach you to how to buy hosting for your domain name and how to host the website and make it live in the internet world.

Okay! I heard your question.Where do I go for purchasing a domain name???

Buy a domain name:

There are so many domain name providers like, 1 and,,, and so on.

I prefer you to choose GoDaddy because they give lots of features to their customers.

So here we go, Let me start with the step by step procedure for buying a website and make it your own within few seconds.

In the example, I am using GoDaddy site. If you are buying with other service providers it may vary (no not a whole thing, only the user interface) you can easily buy it don’t worry. let’s dive!

How to buy a domain name
Godaddy website search bar

 Step 1: (Checking your domain name)

Visit and you will see a search bar saying that find your perfect domain name,yes!!! the box shown above , give your name there and choose your domain whether it is .com or .org and check whether it is available or not.

If it is available you are lucky to buy that website.

If it is not available you need to change the whole name or slight changes.

Mostly slight changes in website name are not preferred due to it affect lots of troubles in search engine listing.

So try to change it to a new name and don’t try to slightly change the website name which is already acquired.


How to buy a domain name
Website name taken


Step 2: (if You got a name lets purchase!)

Ok if you got it,  the webpage says your domain name is available.

If it is so then select the select button which shows your domain name under the green line and click on continue to cart button which is above the green line ! no more works.

See the below image for reference.

how to buy domain name
domain name available

Step 3: (Cart update)

Okay,In this page GoDaddy will ask you for extra things for your websites like securing your domain name from hackers, your billing information shouldn’t be public and hosting details and so on.

choose which one you want.

You can neglect them if you are not willing to buy those, because if you are about to put hosting in other hosting services you can leave them.

If you are applying for free hosting then you should secure your domain. If you are applying for hosting also in GoDaddy you can choose a better plan.

After selecting those things click “proceed to checkout”  under the total savings to continue.

Cart Update
Payment options

Step 4: (Creating account and buying website )

If you are a new customer to GoDaddy create an account by signing up, without creating account in godaddy you cannot buy a website.

After creating your account it will redirect you to final cart page.

Review your cart update and see the cost of the website in the sidebar which might be with offer or any discounts.

Below to that GoDdaddy will ask for your banking credentials to complete your purchase by providing you bank details like

your debit card number,

card expiration date,

and your card CVV.

Before that make sure that which type of paying method suits you. You can choose net banking or credit card or debit card.

After choosing your payment method and clicking place your order on final cart page they will redirect you to a secure page for the transaction.

After the successful transaction, it will redirect you to your account which you were created during account setup process.

And you can see your website under my products domain


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