Web Hosting control panel and its uses

The web hosting control panel and its uses are known to many. Web hosting Control panel (C-panel) is solely used for managing websites internally and externally. And this is a sequence of post in the website category. The first three articles I explained about are

How to buy a domain name for your website?

If you are not aware of this anyone or haven’t read any of the articles, I suggest you to read those articles before reading this article.

Because directly knowing about web hosting control panel is not good to know while learning about websites.Now I will explain what the basic tools available in C-panel are and I also explain what you can do with it?

Now I will explain what the basic tools available in C-panel are and I also explain what you can do with it? They are





Software and Services

Apps installing service (Content Management Systems)

File manager

So these are the most important tools available in your control panel, depend upon your hosting provider extra services may available such as website logs monitoring and super charging (i.e. control panel gives an extra layer of security to your website) and much more.

what is web hosting contro panel
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1) Domain:

In this section you have the option to create a sub domain, redirecting your website to another website, editing the DNS (Domain Name Server) and parked domain.


2) Mail:

In this section you have the option to manage the Email account, Email forwarding, mailing lists, auto responders, email authentication and importing the email address list and forwarding.of your website.


3) Security:

In this section you have the option to manage the security of website internally i.e. protecting your file manager and some other important services like IP denying and protecting files with password in your


4) Databases:

This is where you files are about to get uploaded to visible in website. Most of the hosting company uses MySQL to get access to the database. In this section you can create user to control the website back end
structure. If this meaning nothing to you I suggest you to read this article here


5) Software and services:

In this section you will have the option to manage the software version of your website. If your website files are coded with php you can control the version of php here. Depend upon the hosting company this may vary.


6) Apps installing services:

This is where the content management systems like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla comes. With the advantage of this software you can create a website within seconds by following the on screen instructions from your hosting company.


7) File manager:

In this section you can manage your website files, backing up your website files, amount of disk space consumed by your website files, FTP accounts to control website file i.e. controlling your website files without logging in via c-panel.so this is what the basic important tools in control panel for beginners. And there are lots of tools available. i will keep explaining about that in my upcoming posts.


In my next posts I will explain what are the things you need to done with when you buy domain and hosting for your website.

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